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Bao V opens the path of love Spouse for more than 20 years revealed a near death experience with a leaky heart valve

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Bao V opens the way of love for Nong Tak, his wife and partner who have been dating for more than 20 years and revealed the near-death experience of falling ill with heart valve disease

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Baw V or Wirayuth long slow Singer, warlord of the southern border with over 15 years of artist journey and revealed the experience near death, fell ill with heart valve disease, had to be treated for more than half a year. Ready to reveal the love story with a girlfriend who has been dating for more than 20 years for the first time in the talk show SHOW with Grasshopan Chonlada, Ning Panita and PK Piyawat Khemphet as the host

In which season was born in the Star stage? “It was season 2, but eliminated. The first season was pine. The star was, I felt the appearance and figure resembled us. If you are interested in becoming a singer, I think you should try it once. In the past, it did not have any contest. The biggest stage is probably The Star. On audition day, I remember lined up ten people. Then I came to be the last 5000th person. Over that day, I sang the King, that is, ten people went home. But I stayed in those 10 people and he said, ‘Let your name come tomorrow. To prepare a song It turns out that when the morning came to check my name without my name, the whole body left only 79 baht, sat on the post office 2 back to Lop Buri when the tears flowed all the time

“In life I was just a singer in a pub. I was happiest. I never thought of a contest, but I wanted to try it once because we wanted to be a star. After that, I didn’t risk going to the contest. My songs are also composed by myself and I have a friend who is a musician together in Lopburi. Be a producer Is that we already have a melody And we went to write 10 songs and write lyrics. There were many genres, including Sayan Pongpat, Khai Malee, Huanna. At that time, we still couldn’t find ourselves. “

Saw that sent the song to the record label for only 3 months, the label responded? “Yes, it’s unthinkable because I send it to every camp, including trains, Grammy R Siam music, the reply camp is R Siam, accidentally that night P’Nu Meter went to play a concert at the shop where I played So you said you could send it. Finally, he called to tell us to talk. That day, my heart fluttered. That day I came to the Air Force sport. I pinch myself that we dream or not. Finally, he left with the RSiam camp. The loudest song on the album is “Fak Fa”, a song I wrote myself.

Saw that he already had a girlfriend And the boyfriend was very jealous What level is the girlfriend in If the maximum is 10? “My girlfriend is level 8, level 9, this boyfriend has been dating for 20 years. The beginning is that I went to work in Lopburi and met him. At that time he was in Secondary 5. As for us in our 20s, we come from nothing. That is, people may not be aware of it because he wants to be in a private area. My girlfriend’s name is “Tak”. We saw that his face was pretty cute, had a chat, and secretly went to look for some. After that for 2 months they started dating. “

When we are famous How are your fans jealous? “When famous We too are men Since still not popular, there are women who like us. We then put the picture of the other woman in the bag and forgot to take it out. Then the boyfriend came to see it. So it is a matter of having to go and talk clear Which made me realize that my boyfriend was honest with me Even though I was distracted, he still gave me a chance. “

Saw that most recently, not too long ago Has there been another incident? “Actually, my girlfriend and I rarely go together. Coincidentally, that day, I went to a small restaurant to eat. And went to karaoke on stage in a dining restaurant And did not know where a woman came from, one of them took a picture of us Which my girlfriend came to this restaurant He thought that it was an appointment or not. When we finished singing, I went to the bathroom. The woman who took my photo followed me to the front of the bathroom asking to take a picture. My girlfriend followed because he thought we had made someone come to this restaurant. After taking the photo, I explained it to my girlfriend, there was nothing “

What makes a girlfriend who has been together for 20 years always forgive us? And want to be with us all the time? “Maybe it’s because we have a lot of friends. He understood that And the other thing is, I feel that my girlfriend is honest with me no matter what comes into our lives. We are worried about him as well. “

Want to know if servant V is a womanizer? “I have some As for matters other than jealousy, none Since I have a girlfriend I always tell my girlfriend to be firm. To believe in us and believe in yourself Because we are at this point Everything will stir in And that we can stay with him because he is strong because he never went to work with us. Because we do not want him to see some pictures Even though we never think of anything about anyone else because we already have a girlfriend. As for the story that people have come to like, I think it is natural. Of a man’s son “

“My girlfriend has never been to my concerts. Ie he did not let me go to work and he was at home. I will always tell him Love is not owner of life. Love is not owned by one another. Because we can be together at this point because we respect each other “

Have been together for 20 years, why didn’t you get married? “In fact, I and him have had a religious ceremony. It is like married. It’s just that we’re not news because the fans don’t want to be news. We also want our happiness. Asked if the marriage was registered or not. Not registered yet “

What impresses you about your girlfriend? “I was impressed with him that he was sincere. And I feel No matter how we are My girlfriend has always taken care of me and honored me. It makes us think of the early days. We have nothing yet. We have been together for more than 20 years, in spite of both ourselves and him have the opportunity to meet a lot. But today we are still together I felt that our chemistry was compatible even though I had never been sweeter to him. And when he is touchy, I never reconcile But will be impertinent Asked if I was afraid of my wife, I am not afraid, but we honor “

What surprised your last Valentine? “To be honest, I don’t have Valentine’s Day as a location. Nothing for my girlfriend That day, my girlfriend asked my girlfriend if today is Valentine’s Day, where did you go?

If he is watching us, can he tell his love through TV? “Well, I am a person with many friends. I am glad that my boyfriend can accept him here even though we don’t have time for him. I also felt that he understood us, which is important. Therefore, about telling you what you love about We also want him to know in his heart that we care. We miss him, we will miss the first days. Where we come from the day with nothing Ask if you love him. Love. I love him a lot. “

Been together for a long time Do you want to have children? “I want to have children because I’ve seen my grandchildren, but we don’t have time because we are a lot of society. As for his girlfriend, he thinks because he’s getting older and we don’t have time. Is that he is only worried about this matter I asked if I have consulted a doctor yet. Also, I have been sick in the past 2-3 years, but if I have children I would like to have a man, two, a man and a woman. “

Did you know that a valve leaking heart disease? “Is the virus infecting the heart valves So it turned into a leaky heart valve. The doctor said that when we were young we might have been, and then it disappeared as we grew up, worked harder. We are unaware, a little rest, it may come back to us. The first symptoms That is, when walking up the stairs, we walk comfortably because we exercise. But it turned out that we were gasping for breath. It is very tired Then we work a lot, can’t rest Then have a cough Thinking that it’s okay, ate cough syrup, but didn’t go away. Is that we underestimate ourselves Another day, he went to the hospital to check by X-ray to find out that the lungs were flooded. The doctor said he would ask to send this case to the heart center. He sent to the heart center, I waited 2 hours, the cardiologist called me to talk and said You had a virus on the heart valves, causing one of the heart valves to spread. The second tongue was shocked. The doctor said that my case is very strong. Urgent surgery required Is that most people who have surgery will inject sterilization treatment for 2-3 years and then surgery But my surgery first and then later inject sterilization after Because if you wait longer than that, the second tongue will completely eat it. And if the second tongue doesn’t work, I will die. Then the virus will spread elsewhere Into the blood “

Was it afraid to die? “I am not afraid of dying. Is that we never thought because we never got sick When found this case Nowadays, I sleep 8 hours a day and I stop going with this person. In addition to kicking the ball Or go to exercise Then we went back into the house. Unlike in the past, anyone invited to go anywhere, I went. “

How many hours were you in the operating room then? “When he sent an urgent surgery case I came to the operating room for 15 days. At first, before surgery, I injected a few disinfectants to clean our body. “

The middle slit is long? “Dissected because of having to take out the heart to repair the broken heart valve I had to cut the ribs to lift the heart out. I could honestly say I was dead. I got a good doctor, was encouraged, and my health is better now. But cannot lift heavy things, now entering the 3rd year “

How long do I need to recuperate? “I am fortunate that I exercise a lot. So the doctor said The surgery was done for a short time and recovered very quickly. I had surgery at 4, 6, and I was out. But I recovered at night because it was doping. When I woke up, it hurts in such a great way. Waking up, seeing other people lying next to them, seeing a bucket of blood, the oxygen tank thinking in my mind that we are like him or not. That is, it is like him. Can’t wiggle at all Because it hurts After surgery I had to go to the recovery room. I was in the recovery room for almost 2 months and injected 54 needles as a disinfectant. Then there was another 3 day blood draw, 2 times, 2 times, because he had to look at our blood values ​​every day. Until I don’t know which hole to get, the doctor said that it was because you exercised and your body was strong. “

Call it a near-death event? “Yes, and today I have to take medicine every night. As a blood clot-dissolving drug, if not ingested, it can cause arteries to clog. “

Does it affect work? “At this point there is no effect. It’s just that we have to exercise, but can’t go out vigorously and have to rest a lot. As for food, you can eat normally. But don’t eat too much salty or oily food. During the recovery, my wife was always by my side, he took care of us, had a family, everyone took care of my father, taking care of me not far. “

How many years has it been done? “I cut the year 2017, now the year 2021 is almost 3 and ask if there is a chance to be cured It’s at us I have to go to the doctor every 6 months to check the blood bill and take the medicine. I am very grateful to Achan. It’s like giving me life, not just a doctor, but the whole chest hospital. And Synphaet Hospital, where I went first Speaking of this, I have a feeling of attachment to the Chest Hospital. Because I was lying there for almost 2 months and if there was a job to run it if it was chest hospital I would go on forever. That day, he sang for money. I went for a health check. I went up to sing Because I felt that there was a lot of gratitude to us. Makes us live today “

What kind of feelings do you want to tell your wife? “I want to say thank you for being there. From the first day until the day that was sick still The day we succeeded or failed Until the day he was sick, he was always by our side “

What do you want to tell people about your illness? “I want to tell everyone that living That is, I am careless because I think I am strong. I exercise every day It is important to keep regular checkups and get enough rest. Do not think that you are not sick. Everyone must have a sick day. I consider me lucky. To see the doctor at the right moment Because if I meet after that I may not be today. “

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