Bar Association “constitutional court acknowledged grounds for disciplinary action… won over Lotok”

The Korean Bar Association argued that “the core provisions were recognized as constitutional” over the Constitutional Court’s decision to partially unconstitutional regarding the prohibition of the use of legal service platforms such as ‘Rotok’ by their lawyers.

The Bar Association held a briefing today and said, “The Constitutional Court recognized 9.5 out of 12 articles subject to judgment as constitutional. It won’t change much,” he said.

The ‘Attorneys Against Advertisement Regulation Reform and Unjust Discipline for Members’ refuted, “Anyone can understand the Constitutional Court’s decision as ‘Disciplinary action against lawyers joining Lotok is unconstitutional.'”

They argued, “The prosecution has already stated that RoTalk is not a violation of the Lawyer Act because it does not receive advertising fees in exchange for introducing or arranging a specific case to a specific lawyer.”

Earlier, on the 26th, the Constitutional Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to prevent lawyers from entrusting lawyers with a company that advertises, promotes, or introduces lawyers in return for a constitutional complaint filed by Rotok lawyers.

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