‘Bara’ fruit tree; Well known to Malayali, this fruit is becoming very popular in Bengal

News18 Malayalam | June 06, 2023, 2:52 PM IST

Piya Gupta (Local 18)


Can you get bread from a tree? If the question is to Govind Saha from Kaliganj, the answer will be yes. Breadfruit trees are blooming at Govind’s nursery in Kaliaganj, North Dinajpur district of West Bengal. Kadachakka or Seemachakka of the Malayalees is the trending breadfruit right now in Bengal.

Although the taste of shimachaka is slightly different from regular roti, it can be eaten as a main food just like roti. While the rare nutritious nutmeg is a common sight in our country, it is a rare sight in Govind’s nursery. Govind says this is the first experimental cultivation of shimachaka.

Six months ago, Govind Saha brought Sheemapla seedlings from Bangladesh. Govind planted the sapling in his nursery as an experiment. This was in the months of September-October. According to Govind, the shemplas start blooming by April. Ripe plums can be harvested from these trees from early August to September.

One large tree can produce more than 500 pods in one season. Each fruit weighs between five hundred grams and six kilograms. ‘This fruit will look like gum. When pulled from the tree, a white gum-like pulp comes out. Although it looks like gum, it tastes like sweet potato.’ Govind Saha says about Seemachakka.

Cucumbers do not have seeds. Seedlings are produced from the root of the plantain. Seedlings can also be made by grafting. Chimpanzees grow beautifully in slightly shaded areas. Make sure to water it well every day. The lower part of the plant should be sprayed with an organic insecticide once every two months.

Sheemachaka or breadfruit is a substitute for roti and curry. Breadfruit is commonly grown in tropical regions such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. It has all the necessary elements for a balanced diet. It is high in sugar. At the same time, starch, protein, fiber, vitamins and other minerals are also present in large quantities. Chinmay Debgupta, a prominent doctor in Kaliaganj says.

‘Sheemachakka is also rich in potassium. It helps control blood pressure in the body and improves heart health. Shimachaka helps prevent and control diabetes. This fruit is also very helpful in digestion. It helps relieve constipation and speed up brain activity.’ Chinmay added. Sheemachaka is also very good for pregnant women.

However, fenugreek has some side effects. People suffering from bleeding problems and allergy should consume Sheemachaka only as prescribed by the doctor. Many tree lovers flock to the Govind Saha nursery after hearing that the first breadfruit has been harvested in Kaliaganj. Most of them visit the nursery to buy seedlings.


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