Barcelona to win ‘fattest ever’ sponsorship deal

Barcelona to win ‘fattest ever’ sponsorship deal

【Now Sports】Savior arrives? La Liga giants Barcelona are in dire financial problems, but good news has come recently. A new sponsorship contract may refresh the history of the game. Barcelona’s current jersey sponsorship is Rakuten, and training equipment sponsorship is Beko. The last six months of the contract between the two are left. Spain’s “Daily Sports” disclosed that Barcelona’s next major sponsor will have the opportunity to explore the cryptocurrency market, including VeganNation and Polkadot. The annual sponsorship fee is 80 million euros. If successful, Barcelona’s financial pressure can be relieved.

Barcelona President Lapuda has recently met with VeganNation CEO Thomas, along with other high-level executives, and is expected to become a new sponsor of jerseys and equipment. At the same time, they have contacts with Tencent and Polkadot, and I believe the asking price is better than the Lotte Group. In addition, music streaming platform Spotify is also rumored to be interested in sponsoring Barcelona jerseys.

Before the partnership with UNICEF in 2006, the Barcelona jersey had no sponsor, after which there were Qatar Airways and Rakuten. It is known that the team’s debt has increased to 1.16 billion euros. If the plan to rebuild Camp Lu goes ahead as scheduled, the total debt will increase to 1.5 billion euros.



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