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Original title: Barcelona visa-free Gundogan plan complete, players to join free this summer

Since the opening of the winter window, Barcelona have had trade links with many huge teams. According to Spanish media reports, Barcelona’s plan to waive Gundogan’s visa has been completed, and the Manchester City midfielder will come to the Nou Camp in June as a free agent.

Gundogan’s contract with Manchester City expires this summer, but there has been no breakthrough in renewing the contract between the two sides. Under Guardiola, the German midfielder does not appear to be in the plan. for the future. So far this season, he has played 25 games for Manchester City, contributing 2 goals and 2 assists.

Barcelona signed a number of players in a row with the economic leverage that shocked the world this season, and the strength of the team has been greatly improved. They previously won the Western Super Cup, which is Barcelona’s first championship since Messi left. But their defeat in the Champions League still exposes the shortcomings of the line-up, in La Liga, they are not much ahead of Real Madrid, so reinforcements in the winter windows are essential.

However, constrained by the Financial Fair Play Act and the club’s own budget, Barcelona’s recent pursuit is not visa-free. Before that, they also wanted to swap Casey and Brozovic to minimize the impact of Busquets’ possible departure.

According to a report from Spanish Channel Six reporter Jose Alvarez, the signing of Gundogan from Barcelona has been completed, and the player will come to the Nou Camp as a free agent in June. There have been reports in the media before that Barcelona have signed Gundogan and hope that the 32-year-old midfielder could help the red and blue star Garvey to grow.Return to Sohu to see more


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