Barcelona’s Twitter Blunder: Accidentally Includes Ronaldo and Fati in Opponent’s Score

Barcelona Dominates Coach Points: Five Different Players Score in 5-0 Win

Barcelona’s recent victory on the field has caused quite a stir off the pitch. The club’s graphics team found themselves in a predicament after posting the score of the match on Twitter. While the 5-0 result was accurately displayed, the opponent’s score included the names of Cristiano Ronaldo and Ansu Fati. However, what made this amusing was the fact that neither player even competes in La Liga – Fati is on loan at Brighton, while Ronaldo is currently playing in the Saudi league with Al-Nassr.

Thankfully, well-meaning fans swiftly pointed out the mistake, prompting the club to promptly delete the photo and repost it correctly. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done, as one fan managed to save the erroneous photo and shared it as a meme on Twitter.

Despite the social media mishap, Barcelona’s dominant performance on the field cannot be overshadowed. With goals scored by five different players, the team showcased their versatility and talent. It is a testament to their strength as a unit, and it bodes well for their future success.

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Barcelona from coach Points, but apart from the brutal score is that every goal in this game was scored by 5 different players.

The club’s graphics team didn’t know if that was leading to confusion or obscurity. Because after the match ended, Barça posted a picture of the 5-0 match result on Twitter, but the opponent’s score included the names of Cristiano Ronaldo and Ansu Fati as well. With the shot time in the 55th minute, the one thing even though the visiting team could not score at all.

What’s funny is that they don’t even play in La Liga, with Ansu Fati on loan at Brighton, while Ronaldo plays in the Saudi league with Al-Nassr.

However, the club managed to fix it quickly as many well-meaning fans left comments telling the administrator to be sober. Before quickly deleting the photo and reposting it the right way, but it was too late when a fan saved the photo and posted it as a meme over Twitter.

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