Barun Books Publishing House publishes a new self-improvement book called ‘Me too, My Star Moment, Wynat’

Seoul–(Newswire) May 30, 2022 — Barun Books Publishing House announced that it has published a new self-improvement book, ‘Me too, My Star Moment, Wynat’.

New brain scientific discoveries such as ‘memory mechanism’ are providing the basis for scientific understanding of our brain. Based on the working mechanism of the brain, these articles focus on the scientific understanding of the brain’s most core functions: learning, exploration, and creation.

‘My Star Moment, Wainat’ explained these processes in an easy-to-understand way for anyone to understand using a simple equivalent circuit model of the cranial nerves and a feedback concept.

‘A Moment of the Stars, Wynat’ is an easy-to-understand brain operation explanation that makes us understand the infinite potential of the brain we were not aware of, motivates us to live, and enables us to re-examine the meaning and vision of life. . Scientific understanding of the brain also inspires improvement and confidence in self-development, especially in young people (not just adolescents, but for everyone).


Hyungchan Bang

– University of Washington (Seattle) Ph. D. And a researcher at the University of Colorado, Maryland

– Professor, College of Natural Sciences, Seoul National University (1983~2011)

– Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo (1993~1994)

Conducted experimental projects (PS E307, E508, Jparc E18) as a research director at the Japan High Energy Research Institute (KEK) for over 20 years, and published many research results in SCI journals such as PRL (Physical Review Letters), the best academic journal

– Major achievements: Research on the creation and decay of rare nuclei (lambda hyper nuclei). The carbon lambda hypernuclear decay width problem, which was a difficult problem, was solved by first measuring the decay width of three bodies (PS E508 experiment), and the decay widths of the same nucleus were determined and published in PRL (2009)



Me too, the moment of the stars, why not

Chapter 1 Message from the brain

1 My interest in the brain

2 What questions can brain science answer today?

3 The playground of potential laid by the brain

Chapter 2 The Infinite Possibilities and Potential of the Brain

1 The message is good, but it’s a bit far from me

2 Why do I feel limited in my memory?

3 Mechanism I of ‘it happens as you think’

4 Mechanism II of ‘It’s done as you think’

5 ‘Really Making a Mind’ and Chairman Ju-Young Chung

6 Seize the star moment

Chapter 3 Structure and Cognitive Action of Cranial Nerves

1 Visual perception and ambiguity

2 Localization and Distributed Processing of Brain Functions

Chapter 4 The Free Spirit and the Fragility of the Brain

1 What keeps me from flying?

2 The power of positive optimism from a neuroscience perspective

3 The duality of children’s education from the perspective of brain science

4 Law of Inertia, Law of Inertia

5 standing posture

6 Needle Fear, Pattern of Fear

Chapter 5: Positive Feedback: The Explosiveness of Learning and Creation

1 Positive feedback signal that makes me dance

2 The creative effect of relaxation

3 Remember your first compliment

4 Butterfly Effect

Chapter 6 Brain Science in Everyday Life

Pick one out of a hundred thoughts

2 study, learn, learn from time to time

3 One really trivial habit

4 How Revelation Happens

5 Pen and Zinpensa

6 Magic Lamp Genie and the meaning of life

7 Salami Happiness, Blessing of Evolution

8 The sublimation of sadness, an opportunity for reversal


◇Into the book

Science is telling us that when we wake up, the world can be hopefully changed. There is no need to be discouraged and discouraged. In the next moment, the world approaches like the morning sun. If it doesn’t work, you can pull it, and if it doesn’t work at once, you can wait several times. why not? Edison experimented ten thousand times with success.

– in the text

When stress builds up beyond your control and life becomes insecure and difficult… Isn’t it the wisdom of ‘picking just one out of a hundred thoughts’ that makes me wander by listening to the signals coming from ‘here and now’ just as water only sees one step ahead and reaches the sea?

– in the text

◇Publisher review

The author is a frontier scientist who has long been at the forefront of exploration and creation. Based on recent brain scientific discoveries, such as memory mechanisms, he proposes a scientific neural circuit model (Poorman’s model). This is a summary brain user manual that explains the secrets and tricks of exploration and creation activities in an easy-to-understand essay format.

The nature of the process of creation and exploration is called an accelerated explosion process, which is like the spread of corona. Just like a hound recognizing the smell of prey, once it catches even the slightest clue, it follows the positive feedback property to an accelerated and explosive state, which leads to the Eureka moment and the birth of a brain star. It is said that this phenomenon is not only a discovery that is talked about in mankind, like the Eureka moment of Alchimedes, but also a process of solving problems that we always encounter in our daily life, study, business, and research.

– I recommend it to people like this

Those who are looking for the principle of efficient learning and springing creativity

Those who are thinking about educating their children in the era of the 4th industrial age in the 100-year-old era

Those who want to hold on to what they really want to do now

A guide book that will show your potential and creativity to youth, newcomers, middle-aged people, leaders, and those who plan a second life

Barun Books Overview

Barun Books is a publishing company that believes that each book has the power to change the world and take it one step further. Young and talented experts are putting all their efforts into making good manuscripts into books and meeting the world.


This press release was prepared by the respective company. The media may use this material for reporting.

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