Baseball” Chen Weiyin is back! He returned to Taiwan again after 665 days- Liberty Sports

Chen Weiyin. (File photo, photo by reporter Chen Zhiqu)

[Canolfan Chwaraeon / Adroddiad Cynhwysfawr]Chen Weiyin, a former player who traveled to the United States and Japan, posted a post on social media Facebook and IG today showing a picture of looking out the window in the cabin, and said that he returned to Taiwan by plane, “665 separate day Return to Taiwan again! However, Chen Weiyin did not reveal the next move.

Chen Weiyin signed a contract with Nippon Rhodes in the middle of the 2020 season, and signed a two-year, $4 million contract with the Nippon Hanshin Tigers in 2021, but he only played 2 games in the first team, leaving 1 win and one. ERA of 3.86. They all stayed in Second Army and played 7 games. Chen Weiyin was released from the contract by the Tigers on June 29 and became a free agent.

Chen Weiyin once said on Facebook that he had an operation on his shoulder at the end of July, “At the end of July, he decided to let the shoulder enter the field for maintenance to solve the shoulder problem which has plagued him for a while. At the moment, the rehabilitation progress is going well!”

Chen Weiyin stayed in the MLS for 8 years, accumulating 59 wins and 51 losses, with an average defense rating of 4.18; while Chen Weiyin has a total of 7 seasons in the Japanese professional team, with a total of 37 wins and 33 losses, and an average defense rate of 2.60.

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