Baseball team, drinking argument during WBC… KB “Find out the truth”

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Kyung-yoon = It is controversial that some of the players of the baseball team, which had the worst performance in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), are known to have acted out of the road during the tournament. .

One media outlet reported on the 30th that “baseball team players who participated in the WBC drank during the tournament in Tokyo, Japan, where the first round of the finals was held.”

The players were known to have been drinking from the night before the match against Australia on March 9, the turning point of their first leg to the second round of the finals, until dawn on the day of the match, and on the 9th, the day sooner. the game against Japan.

The national team had their worst performance against Australia, losing 7-8 and losing 4-13 against Japan on March 10th.

Korea won the match against the Czech Republic on the 12th and the match against China on the 13th, but failed to qualify for the second round, which was given to the top two teams in third place in the group.

Significant repercussions are expected if the drinking of the national team players turns out to be true.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has not clearly established the penalty rules for drinking alcohol during the national team players’ assembly.

However, there is a possibility of violating the KBO Rules and Regulations, which require players to maintain honor and dignity as national representatives during the assembly period.

Above all, it seems inevitable that he will be criticized for neglecting to adjust his condition before an important game.

Officials from the players’ clubs who were identified as attending the drinking party said, “We have not yet confirmed whether it is true or not.”

A KBO official said, “We are trying to find out the truth,” and “if the facts are revealed, we will decide whether to take further action.”

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