Baseball team, drinking controversy during WBC…KBO “finds authenticity”

During the World Baseball Classic and WBC tournaments last March, allegations were raised that some players on the baseball team were deviant, and that the KBO was trying to find out the truth.

Online media reported that “some of the players who took part in the WBC had a drinking party in Tokyo, Japan, where the first round of the finals was held, on March 8, the day before the match against Australia, and on March 10. , when they lost to Japan.

KBO said, “We are trying to ascertain the truth of the report and will decide whether to act when the facts are revealed.”

The KBO has operating rules that say, “You must maintain honor and dignity as a national representative during the assembly period.”

The WBC national team were eliminated in the first round after losing to Australia and Japan at the tournament held in March, finishing third in Group B.