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Basel really can’t complete the cleansing and pay cuts and can only let Mess go…-Sina Football

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Basel really can’t complete the cleaning and pay cuts and can only let Mesi go…

According to Spain’s “World Sports Daily”, despite taking PodaJoan LaportaI have always hoped to be able to cooperate with MesiLionel MessiRenewing the contract, but has been unable to complete the task of cleaning and salary reduction, and finally can only let Meese leave.

World Sports Daily” stated that unlike some high-level managers, Napoda had always hoped to renew his contract with Messiah, but in the end he was helpless.

There were several reasons why Barcelona could not renew the contract with Metz.The first is the failure to complete the cleaning. So far, the players that Barcelona want to clean, such as AndySamuel umtitiBizhenliMiralem PjanicGutianuPhilippe Coutinho, None of them was cleaned off.

Second, fail to complete the salary reduction work. So far, several big men in the Barcelona team have not accepted Barcelona’s salary reduction request. Barcelona’s salary cap has never been freed.

Third, Barcelona could not meet Metz’s requirements for the competitive blueprint. Messi hopes to substantially strengthen the team, but the club really does not have the funds to acquire it and can only take the road of visa-free. The few players currently introduced cannot meet Mess’ requirements.

It is reported that Metz previously hoped that the club would introduce Cristian Romero (Cristian Romero), and Barcelona also made efforts. In the end, it was unable to introduce this player because of insufficient financial resources.

With Barcelona unable to build a competitive blueprint that satisfies Metz, the top executives believe that it is better to let Metz go.




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