Basketball Kentucky: 5 more ideas and postgame notes from winning over Mississippi State Bulldogs

The Kentucky Wildcats, who were worn out over South Carolina in Rupp, made the trip to Starkville to cope with Mississippi State Bulldogs.

The first half went just as well and you could ask the Wildcats. PJ Washington came out of play, scoring the first eight points for Kentucky.

Follow the Wildcats to operate at both ends, giving 40-25 lead half-time.

The second half, however, was a different story.

By 16:32 in the final period, Kentucky led 49-31.

However, the Bulldogs had a 19-2 run over the next eight minutes and Kentucky reduced to 51-50.

The rest was the same, but Keldon Johnson and Tyler Herro successfully completed the Wildcats in their 70-67 win on the road.

Ideas on the Game

PJ Washington seals but it was not perfect

Washington finished with 23 points, bringing the Wildcats down on the stretch of the second half. Sophomore's star went on to his storey and without showing himself clear of a crime, Kentucky probably loses Starkville.

However, there was no show on Washington's glass as well as losing free key losses and playing the game.

John Calipari asked PJ after the win, saying "I think he's the best player in the country, but it's not like today. He will not find rebounds, he will not get loose balls, lose one-foot, lose all throws for free – what is it? "

The sophomore star did not have a perfect match, but it was still again the focal point of Kentucky's winning formula.

Keldon Johnson step up late

During the recent games Johnson met each other. However, he did not succeed in making plays late in games.

The 13 people scored on Saturday, and he recovered seven times when hustle with the piece.

Ashton Hagans was watched during the game saying "We need you" towards Johnson. While Johnson responded, Kentucky could beat the Bulldogs if it was productive for most of the competition.

EJ Montgomery: The basketball magnet

Montgomery was first doubled on Tuesday against South Carolina and continued with the strong strong Saturday night.

While only two points scored, Tom Montgomery caught seven times in 16 minutes, and one of those people was the game thrower for free throw.

Montgomery makes the game slowly out, which could be too good for Kentucky down the stretch.

Tyler Herro: The road dog

Herro's favorite rooms are almost all this season on the road. After Auburn's Kentucky victory, Herro said he loves road games and hitting big shots.

Needless to say, he did so again on Saturday.

12 points have been scored by Herro and fading jumps from the back of the arc have three finalists in the game's minutes.

Winning positive for the Wild Gats

With an enhanced conference, any SSA road game will go to war for Kentucky. The Mississippi State tried 40 minutes on the Wildcats but Kentucky was still able to reach the top.

Kentucky continues to win, no matter the case. Of course, we would like to see the Cats good for 40 minutes, but they will not have 18 points in which they will become deeper in the NCAA Temple.

However, they will be in some competition games that fall down to the final minutes. That's the case in Starkville, and this time, the Cats came out on top. This is the kind of game that trusts Kentucky's confidence when they come into a tough game in the Big Dance.

On Tuesday night, the Wildcats will host the LSU Tigers in Rupp Arena. The time for EST 7:00 is set on ESPN.

Now these are the postcards and milestones, courtesy of the Athletics of the United Kingdom:

Staff Records and League Notes

· Kentucky is 20-3 now and 9-1 in the Southeast Conference.

o Kentucky won 10 consecutive, the longest streak in a 14-game win in 2016-17.

o The United Kingdom won nine consecutive SEC games, the longest since the schedule of the 18-game series in 2014-15.

o Kentucky won five direct road games, the longest road streak of the 10-game schedule away in 2014-15.

o This is the 11th straight 20-win season in the UK, including every 10 years under the John Calipari Committee.

· Mississippi State is 16-7, 4-6 in the SEC.

· Kentucky takes the 97-20 series in charge and hit 13 consecutive vs. Bulldogs, the UK's longest streak currently hit against a CSS opponent. The UK takes 36-12 in charge of games in Starkville.

· Forward for Kentucky: The Wildcats go back home to host LSU on Tuesday at 7 p.m. The ESPN will have a TV game.

First Half

· Kentucky started Ashton Hagans, Tyler Herro, Keldon Johnson, PJ Washington and Reid Travis for the 16th time this season. The UK is now 13-3 with that line.

Washington started a good start, scoring the first eight points of the UK, including a pair of 3 points.

· 17-15, covers 7-0 more than two minutes – including five points from Herro – add the Cats at a drop of 22-17. The UK has never happened again, but the play was a long time ago.

· A few minutes later, 9-0 Run up the UK up 33-21. The Hagans played a role in all four baskets to help the first three, and subsequently two offensive rebounds put the final bucket up.

· All, the UK closed the first half to run 25-8 for the benefit of 40-25 at the same time.

Washington started at 10 points on the Cats and Hagan focused on seven help.

o The United Kingdom ran 5 out of 11 from a 3 point range and held the home team to 0 of 4.

The second half

· Kentucky started the second half with the same front line.

Press the UK out to 49-31, the game's biggest one, before the Bulldogs go to the task.

The US $ 19-2 met together to close the score to 51-50 with 8:41 remaining.

Washington responded to a post-up basket. Follow Haggan with a free driving basket and two free throws to give some Wildcats breathing room at 57-50.

· After point 3 Bulldog, he scored it straight to the lead back to 10 at 63-53.

· The Bulldogs became up to their name, withdrawing within three points at 70-67.

· The U.S. got the ball back with the chance to connect but Johnson shot the shot time at Quinndary Weatherspoon (officially credited with theft) and retrieving the ball with 10 seconds left .

· Hagans 1 of 2 spent free of charge as the United Kingdom ran to the final edge.

Staff Notes

· Kentucky was strong around the basket today, giving 35-28 out of the point and points in the 34-24 paint.

o The United Kingdom is 18-1 this season when he / she has been involved in recovery and 17-2 when it comes to the paint.

· During the current 10-peak peak streak, the United Kingdom …

o Hold the opponents to 58.9 points per game

o Limited the opponents to 37.9 percent from the field

o Limited the opponents to 32.1 percent from a 3 point range

· Enhance the United Kingdom to 253-5 (.981) about Calipari when at least one point started at any point in the game.

· The Wildcats now have 239-40 vs. There are no opponents ranked in the Top 25 Associated Press.

Player Notes

· PJ Washington the charge was 23 points in charge.

· He carried out 9 out of 13 from the field and made the three trials from 3 point land.

· The seventh is a 20-point game of the season and one fifth of the last six games.

· He has eight straight games in double figures.

· Tyler Herro There were 12 points. He made two 3 points, including a crucial supervisor – as the shot clock expired – with three minutes to go to help the state of Mississippi stop.

· Reid Travis A total of eight points, high-game rebounds and two blocked shots.

· Ashton Hagans He had eight points and his nine assisted him with his high career set on January 22 vs. Mississippi State.

· Hagans has 17 consecutive games with at least three help. He is in charge of the team 18 times this season.

· The UK is 5-0 this season when Hagans has seven or more.

· Keldon Johnson There were 13 points, seven of the seven and the crucial thing to steal in the game in the late game was the victory.


· This is the 19th time in the career of John Calipari with a 10-game winning streak.

· It is the 25th Calipari out-of-court 20 out of court season. It gives every coach active with that streak.

· Calipari is now 295-67 in the UK.

· He has now won two wins from Joe B. Hall for the second largest winner with a UK main coach in the history of the program.

· Calipari has a full-time court record of 740-207.

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