Battery ignites on US domestic flight, returns to departure airport, 4 ambulances

Boeing 737 MAX8 = 7th, San Diego International Airport/KFMB-TV

2023.02.08 Wed posted at 09:51 JST

(&NN) A battery in an electronic device caught fire in the cabin of a United Airlines flight from San Diego, California, and the plane was returned to San Diego airport. Four people, including the crew, were taken to hospital.

The San Diego Fire Department said the crew on board contained the fire.

A spokesperson for the airport told CNN that paramedics were on the scene and treating passengers.

According to the aviation information site, the passenger plane “Boeing 737 MAX 8” of United Airlines left the airport at 7:07 am on the 7th and headed for Newark Airport in the suburbs of New York, but returned at 51 minutes.

The fire department tweeted that firefighters checked the health of all passengers and crew, four were taken to hospital, but two refused further treatment.

A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) told CNN that the laptop battery caught fire and that the FAA would investigate.

A spokesman for United Airlines said that flight attendants who had extinguished the fire were rushed to hospital as a precaution, and two passengers were examined at the scene. He thanked the crew for their prompt response.

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