Battle in Tamil Nadu BJP; Actress Gayathri Raghuram has been suspended from her job

Chennai: Actress Gayathri Raghuram has been expelled from the party by the BJP for allegedly defaming the party. Suspended. He was suspended from his post as president of the overseas and stateless Tamil section. OBC The action was taken after the division’s state president, Surya Siva, reacted on Twitter against minority division leader Daisy and party intellectual division vice-president Selvakumar.

The BJP has said that Gayathri would be suspended from her post for six months as she was continuously breaking discipline and bringing the party into disrepute. State President K. Annamalai notification says. It was also directed that none of the party workers should come in contact with Gayatri.

Gayathri responded that she accepted the party’s decision but said that she had not done anything wrong. “The action was taken without asking for an explanation. He will continue to work for the country even if he does not have status. Loving employees will deal with it. “No one can stop him,” said Gayatri. Gayathri alleged that Selvakumar, who joined the party three months ago, was given a big position and that a conspiracy under his leadership was targeting him.

The DMK The telephone conversation in which the leader of the minority wing of the Suryashiv party, Daisy, who left and joined the BJP, was abusive and threatening, was circulated on social media. Gayatri came to Daisy’s support and demanded action against Suriya. In addition to removing Gayathri from her post, Suriya has also been banned from participating in party events for six months.

It is also stated that the reason for the action was the problems between the state president of the party Annamalai and Gayathri. Gayatri, who was previously in charge of the art department, was removed from this position. For several months there was no assignment. Gayatri was not allowed to participate in the Kashi-Rameswaram Sangam although it was managed in the foreign and non-state wing later. Gayatri is also a dancer who has acted in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu films. He joined the BJP eight years ago.

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