Battle responsible for delays in processing budget bills… “Mongni Democratic Party” vs. “Lee Sang-min Bangtan”

與 “Budget bill deals with Lee Sang-min dismissal bill within statutory deadline”

野 “Is it common sense to break the statutory time limit to defend Lee Sang-min?”

Statutory budget deadline (SP)

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Ryu Mi-na and Park Gyeong-joon = While next year’s budget bill, which was first drawn up after the inauguration of Yoon Seok-yeol’s government, was not passed in the National Assembly on the 2nd, the legal deadline amid a sharp conflict between the ruling and the opposition parties, the ruling and the responsible opposition parties started a fight against each other on the 3rd.

People’s Power accused the opposition of holding back state affairs, and the Democratic Party of Korea countered that the ruling party had delayed the processing of the budget bill in connection with the government’s investigation into the Itaewon disaster.

People’s Power Jang Dong-hyuk, spokesman for the House of Representatives, said in a commentary on the day, “The Democratic Party’s monstrosity for the Yoon Seok-yeol government’s first budget bill is getting in the way.”

Spokesman Jang Won-nae said, “Yesterday, the legal deadline for the budget bill, I was busy saying that we would deal with the proposal to dismiss Minister Lee Sang-min from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security in alone.”

He criticized the Democratic Party for calling for a full session to report even the proposal to dismiss Minister Lee in a situation where the review of the budget measure had not been completed.

Spokesman Jang said, “If the neglect of budget review, the rush of legislation, and the enforcement of the motion to dismiss continue as they are now, the Democratic Party will go down in history as the worst party that destroyed parliamentary democracy.” ” he urged.

On the other hand, Deputy Speaker Ahn Gwi-ryeong from the Democratic Party highlighted the delay in processing the budget bill at the National Assembly’s briefing, saying, “The power of the people is the result of wasting time by linking a bill next year’s budget, the government’s investigation of the Itaewon disaster, and the handling of the motion to dismiss Minister Lee.”

With the view that it would be difficult to proceed with the parliamentary inquiry if the motion to dismiss Minister Lee was processed forcefully, he was accused of being responsible for the power of the people who stuck to a ‘pre-emptive budgetary bill handling’ stance. .

Deputy Speaker Ahn said, “The ruling party, which should take care of the government’s budget, abandoned the responsibility of the National Assembly with a bulletproof strategy to protect one minister.” Does it fit?” he shot

“The government’s investigation, which was supposed to go ahead immediately after processing the budget bill, is also being delayed due to the irresponsible behavior of the people’s strength,” he said.

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