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“Battlefield 2042” New Specialist First Public Release! –Gamewith

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Final update:

New Specialist for “Battlefield 2042” Released!

▲ The new specialist public trailer of this work.

Before the release “Battlefield 2042』Appeared inNew specialistIs published in the video.

The scout soldier “Navin Lao “, Assault soldier “Santiago Espinosa」、「Emma Rozier“, aid soldiers”Constantine Angel, Undercover agent“Jisoo Pike”5 people.

In the released play video,Attack scene of each specialistCan be confirmed, so be sure to check it out.

What are your expectations for this work?

What is “Battlefield 2042”?

Battlefield 2042 featured image

PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC compatible game software “Battlefield 2042” allows you to experience a full-scale war with the latest weaponsFPS shootinggame.

Returning to the origin from past works on the theme of World War I and World War II, this work is in the world of 2042Near-future warWill be the stage.

Popular”Conquest“or”BreakthroughNot only “, but also forming a squad and fighting in the danger zone”Hazard zoneI also want to pay attention to the new mode.

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Battlefield 2042 featured image

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Basic information such as release date

release date November 19, 2021 (gold)
society Electronic Arts
Genre Shooting
price PS5/PC version: 8,818 yen (tax 抜)
PS4 version: 7,909 yen (excluding tax)
Xbox version: Undecided
Corresponding hardware PS5,PS4,Xbox One,Xbox Series X/S,PC
Product information download version

© 2021 Electronic Arts Inc.

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