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“Battlefield Portal” realizes “BF1942” vs. “BF3” cross-time duel! Map Editor’s own scripts released | 4Gamers

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Just in the early morning of today (23), “Battlefield 2042” once again announced the new multiplayer experience mode included in the game at the official live event “EA Play Live”, “BATTLEFIELD Portal”.


“Battlefield 2042”, which is based on multiplayer games, will have three main battle game categories, one of which is the previously published “All-Out Warfare”, which focuses on 64v64, which spans land, sea and air, and is affected by severe weather. Another of the large-scale battlefields is the “Battlefield: Portal” that was broadcast live this time.


“Portal” is a new gameplay led by Ripple Effect Studios director Justin Weibe. This mode will integrate all of the three classic games of “Battlefield 1942”, “Battlefield: Notorious 2” and “Battlefield 3” Professional experts, weapons and firearms, and armed vehicles.

At the same time, the traditional “Conquest” (Conquest), “Rush” and “Team Deathmatch” (Team Deathmatch) multiplayer battle modes can be performed on the current and classic maps.

Specifically, “Portal” can realize the gameplay of “1942” WWII service against the modern service of “Battlefield 3”. In the preview screen, we can see soldiers of World War II holding bayonets against modern soldiers holding AED electric shocks.



Due to the fact that there are too many eras, according to the personal description of director Weibe, in order to balance the game, the official has specially adjusted the firepower and damage of the three games. Therefore, it will not happen that the firearms of World War II cannot defeat the modern military.

According to director Weibe, the birth of “Portal” also means that “Battlefield 2042” may also be added to other “Battlefield” series across time and space in the future.


At present, “Portal” not only contains the original 7 maps of “Battlefield 2042”, but also adds 6 classic maps of “Battlefield 1942”, “Battlefield: Notorious 2” and “Battlefield 3”:

  • Battle of the Bulge|”Battle of the Bulge 1942″
  • El Alamein|”Battlefield 1942″
  • Arica Harbor|”Battlefield: Notorious 2″
  • Valparaiso|”Battlefield: Notorious 2″
  • Caspian Border|”Battlefield 3″
  • Noshahr Canals|”Battlefield 3″


At the same time, in response to the emergence of the “Portal” series of gameplay, EA also announced the “BATTLEFIELD Builder”, which is a scripting tool that allows players to freely set all the details of the battlefield to create unique or asymmetric rules. The battle mode.

In the “Battlefield Editor”, players can gradually set each battlefield link, including victory conditions, scoring modes, adjustments to restrictions on gun vehicles, or AI soldiers, and even damage.


For example, the player can adjust the damage of the blue camp to a headshot and one kill with one shot, while the red army must have two shots to get a headshot, such an unbalanced gameplay, or only use melee while only using throwing weapons. And so on, even an asymmetrical battle of ten.

At the same time, the introduction of AI soldiers allows players to create many peculiar gameplay modes. Players can customize the PvE battlefield and team up with friends to fight against 100 mechanical dogs or a large number of AI soldiers.

Once players have created their own scripts, they can be published in the “Portal” game list for other players to participate in or copy the scripts. More importantly, director Weibe emphasized that even if it is a privately customized scripted battle, players can still play in the game. Gain experience points and upgrade passes.


In other words, in addition to “Total War”, “Portal” and “Battlefield Editor” will bring a rare shooting experience in current shooting games, and the next highlight of DICE is to announce the last multiplayer game. Type “Hazard Zone” (Hazard Zone).

“Battlefield 2042”, which does not have a single-player campaign, is expected to be released on October 22.


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