Bayern Munich’s Pursuit of Harry Kane Finally Pays Off: Striker Makes Debut Against Manchester United in UEFA Champions League Match

[스포탈코리아] Bayern Munich Pays Record Transfer Fee to Sign Harry Kane

In a surprising turn of events, Bayern Munich has finally secured the services of Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspur for a record-breaking transfer fee of 120 million euros ($170 billion won). The German club’s pursuit of the English striker had been met with resistance from Tottenham, who stood firm on their decision not to let go of their star player. However, Bayern Munich’s persistent efforts and generous offers eventually convinced Tottenham to part ways with Kane.

The 30-year-old forward, who has scored over double-digit goals in multiple seasons, is expected to fill the void in Bayern Munich’s frontline. The club’s lack of a prolific striker was the biggest weakness that hindered their progress in last season’s UEFA Champions League, where they were eliminated in the semi-finals. Kane’s arrival is hoped to bring a fresh attacking prowess to the team.

Bayern Munich’s Determination and Tottenham’s Resilience

Munich coach Thomas Tuchel personally persuaded Kane to join his team, highlighting how desperate Bayern Munich was to secure the player’s services. The German club put forth several offers starting from 70 million euros, but Tottenham rejected them, valuing Kane’s goal-scoring abilities and his importance to the team. Even an offer of 100 million euros was swiftly turned down by the London-based club.

The negotiations reached an impasse, and Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy even went on holiday, leaving the fate of the transfer in limbo. However, Bayern Munich persevered and made their final bid of 120 million euros, which proved to be the clincher. Tottenham ultimately succumbed to the relentless pursuit and decided to let go of their prized asset.

Kane’s Adaptation and Debut at Bayern Munich

Since joining Bayern Munich, Kane wasted no time in making an impact. Although his debut in the German DFL Super Cup against RB Leipzig resulted in a disappointing 0-3 loss, the English striker has quickly adapted to the Bundesliga. In just four league games, Kane has already netted four goals, showcasing his goal-scoring prowess.

Kane’s UCL debut in a Bayern Munich uniform is scheduled to take place against a familiar opponent, Manchester United. Having faced the English club 19 times during his time at Tottenham, Kane managed to score only five goals against them. While this record is respectable, it does not fully showcase the striker’s capabilities.

A Chance for Redemption Against Manchester United

Manchester United’s recent struggles and injury woes have weakened their squad, providing an opportunity for Kane to prove himself against his past adversaries. With key players such as Luke Shaw, Raphael Varane, Mason Mount, and Sofien Amrabat likely to be absent due to injury, Manchester United might struggle to contain Kane’s attacking prowess.

Despite his previous underwhelming performances against Manchester United, Kane remains determined to prove himself in this crucial match. He understands the danger of underestimating a team that is eager to bounce back. Kane stated, “It’s a tough game. I know Manchester United are going through a difficult time at the moment. But sometimes those teams want to come back. It’s dangerous.”

The Influence of Coach Tuchel

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel, known for his tactical acumen, will unfortunately have to watch this game from the stands due to a suspension carried over from the previous UCL season. Despite his absence, Tuchel continues to have a profound impact on Kane and the team. The English striker praised Tuchel, stating, “He’s a really good guy and has great ideas. Tuchel is one of the best coaches in the world, and he pushes me and all the other players to improve.”

With all eyes on Harry Kane’s UCL debut for Bayern Munich, fans eagerly anticipate his performance and hope that his arrival will propel the club to new heights in European football.

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[스포탈코리아] Reporter Joo Dae-eun = Harry Kane, who scored 5 goals in 19 games against Manchester United, was awake before the game.

Bayern Munich will face Manchester United in the first leg of Group A of the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League (UCL) at Fusvall Arena Munich, located in Bayern Munich, Germany, on the 21st (Korea time).

Bayern Munich are aiming for the top spot in Europe this season. Last season, they reached the semi-finals of the UCL, but were eliminated from the competition after losing with a combined score of 1-4. The biggest weakness was that there was no striker to focus on in the front row.

Bayern Munich, who are trying to win the UCL, have been targeting Kane throughout the last transfer market. Since the transfer market started, we have been in contact with Tottenham to recruit Kane. There were also reports that Munich coach Thomas Tuchel had personally persuaded Kane. That’s how badly Munich wanted Kane.

However, Tottenham had no intention of giving up Kane. It was believed that transferring a player who scores more than double-digit goals in a season would be a big blow. Bayern Munich offered 70 million euros (about 99.2 billion won) to Tottenham, but Tottenham rejected it. A second offer of 80 million euros (about 113.4 billion won) was also rejected.

Bayern Munich desperately needed Kane, but it was demanding to pay a large amount of money. Considering his age (30 years old), it would not be surprising if his skills suddenly declined. Moreover, Kane had no German stage experience.

According to the British media ‘The Independent’, Munich offered 85 million pounds to Tottenham (about 140 billion won), but it was rejected. Munich continued to raise the transfer fee and showed their will to recruit him, but Tottenham were in no rush.

Bayern Munich sent their last offer at the end of the transfer window. They offered a huge sum of 100 million euros (about 141.7 billion won). Even Tottenham rejected this. In addition, negotiations were suspended and Chairman Levy Tottenham went on holiday.

According to the British media ‘Telegraph’, ‘Chairman Levy has no intention of accepting the offer. Chairman Levi went on holiday to the United States.’ Kane also thought that even if the transfer didn’t happen, he would do his best for Tottenham and leave the team next summer.

In the end, Bayern Munich, who had no other solution, paid 120 million euros (about 170 billion won) to get Kane.

Kane quickly made his debut at Bayern Munich. They played against RB Leipzig for the German DFL Super Cup in the 2023/24 season, but lost 0-3. Very quickly I lost the opportunity to win the championship cup. Still, I’m adapting well to the Bundesliga. Kane has scored 4 goals in 4 league games this season.

On the 21st, he is scheduled to make his UCL debut wearing a Bayern Munich uniform. The opponent before the first match is quite familiar. This is Manchester United, who played against Tottenham a staggering 19 times during his time. Kane only scored 5 goals against Manchester United during his time in England. That’s about 1 goal every 4 games. It’s a respectable record, but given Kane’s stature, it’s a disappointing record.

Manchester United have not reached 100% strength due to the recent falls and injuries. There is a high possibility that Manchester United’s key players, including Luke Shaw, Raphael Varane, Mason Mount, and Sofien Amrabat, will not be able to play due to injury. In addition, Jadon Sancho and Anthony are expected to miss out due to problems off the pitch.

Kane is a bit weak against Manchester United, but this game is an opportunity to get rid of the stigma of ‘being small when facing Manchester United’. However, Kane did not let his guard down.

Before the game, Kane said, “It’s a tough game. I know Manchester United are going through a difficult time at the moment. But sometimes those teams want to come back. “It’s dangerous,” he said.

“We want to play with the home crowd behind us as soon as possible. UCL is always special. The first game against Bayern Munich will be memorable. So, I hope the first game will go ahead positively,” he said.

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel will not be able to sit on the bench in this game. He was sent off in the second leg against Manchester City in the UCL semi-final last season. The disciplinary action was then applied in the first UCL game of this season.

Kane also spoke about coach Tuchel. “He’s a really good guy and has great ideas. “Tuchel is one of the best coaches in the world and he pushes me and all the other players to improve.”

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