Bazèga: “Prix des Arts Scolaires”: About twenty establishments in competition for the 16th edition | BIA

Bazèga: “Prix des Arts Scolaires”: Twenty establishments in competition for the 16th edition

Kombissiri, 15 March 2023(AIB)-The start of the ”Prix des Arts Scolaires (PAS)” festival, edition of 2023, was given on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 in Kombissiri. About twenty primary and secondary establishments in the running will compete in talent in several disciplines.

Let’s go for the 2023 edition of the Prix des Arts Scolaires (PAS) festival. This inter-school cultural meeting, which takes place every year in Kombissiri, registers this year 11 secondary schools including 2 from the commune of Manga in the province of Zoundwéogo and 9 primary schools from the communes of Kombissiri and Doulougou from the province of Bazèga.

It is under the theme: “Educational resilience and social cohesion”, that the students of the different establishments in competition will compete in talents in several disciplines such as dance, theater, storytelling, poetry and drawing-painting.

For promoter Mahamadi Bonkoungou, this edition, which is being held in a context of insecurity in Burkina Faso, is an opportunity to challenge young people, teachers and parents to be resilient and create an environment conducive to education.

Anything that, according to him, contributes to social cohesion without which there is no life.

Mrs. Téné Justine Kientéga/Ilboudo, High Commissioner of the province of Bazèga, who presided over the opening ceremony of the festival, congratulated and greeted the promoter for organizing this edition with limited resources in a difficult context.

A great initiative, she says, which strengthens social cohesion and allows the young generation not to lose sight of their culture.

The festival, which is held from March 14 to 19, 2023, takes place in the Kombissiri cinema hall where the competitions will take place every evening.

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