BBC “Squid Games, a revolution in non-English content that will sweep the West”

BBC footage highlighting the global craze of

A British BBC capture highlighting the worldwide craze of ⓒ BBC

Director Bong Joon-ho, who won the Academy Award for the first time for a non-English-speaking film last year, said in his acceptance speech, “If you overcome the barrier of subtitles, that one inch, you will see many more amazing films.”

The BBC reported on the 7th (local time), “Director Bong didn’t have to wait long for the wind to come true.” It was introduced that it will bring about a revolution that shakes up Western TV culture.

“Non-English content craze, not a temporary phenomenon, but the beginning of a new era”

“If you haven’t lived on a remote island with no internet in the last few months, anyone can,” the BBC said. “You will knowhas entered the global mainstream in a way that non-English-speaking movies and dramas have not done before.”

Following “proves that production in English is not necessary to be successful in English-speaking countries. I saw,” he said.

therefore “The craze is not a temporary phenomenon caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the beginning of a new era in which non-English speaking content will dominate.”

The BBC heard that the reason for this is that access to non-English content has increased as online streaming services such as Netflix have become more common.

David Chen, an American cultural critic, said, “If it were like it used to be To enjoy the same content, you had to go to illegal sites or DVD stores, but now is not the time.”

In addition Thanks to the success of the English-speaking audience, the reluctance of subtitles decreased. Darcy Parquett, who translated the English subtitles for the movie, countered, “I thought viewers would hate it if there were subtitles, but in fact we read text on our cellphones all day.”

“The popularity of Korean content is not sudden”

<img src="" alt=" 봉준호 감독의 still cut” />

Stills from director Bong Joon-ho ⓒ CJ Entertainment

Furthermore, the BBC predicts that the global market is paying attention to Korean content due to the success of the BBC, and that other streaming companies such as Disney Plus and Apple TV to compete with Netflix will accelerate investment in non-English-speaking countries.

At the end of October, a leading British daily newspaper of “you It also introduced the fact that an article titled, “The 10 Best Korean Dramas to Watch Next If You’ve Fallen In Love” was in the top 10 most viewed articles in the media at the time.

20 years ago, the BBC was directed by Park Chan-wook. In 2015, starting with the world’s attention , 2019 Then the most recent He emphasized that the awareness of Korean content has been gradually accumulating.

Director Yeon Sang-ho of ‘The popularity of Korean content may feel sudden, but in fact, it has been steadily gaining the trust of global viewers for the past 10 to 15 years’ explained.

It also introduces the trend of global integration of content without being segmented by language or country, saying, “Even if BTS or Latin pop singer Bad Bunny sings in their native language, English will rise to the top of the Billboard chart and the concert will be sold out. “He said.

An official in the streaming industry said, “A huge flow is being formed in line with viewers who ignore geographic boundaries online.

Online without linguistic and cultural boundaries… “The remake will disappear”

<img src="" alt=" 연상호 감독의 still cut” />

Still cuts from director Yeon Sang-ho ⓒ Red Peter

According to this trend, there is even a forecast that the practice of remaking non-English-speaking content in the context of English-speaking culture will disappear.

Franklin Leonardo, a Hollywood film mogul and founder of a screenplay website, said, “Ten years ago, viewers around the world were They must have come across the same content.”

Critic Chendo” Is a remake possible? It may be possible, but many people will argue that a remake is no longer meaningful.”

BBC In the last episode of ‘, quoting Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo) saying, “I’ve come too far to end it now,” he said, “In 2022, even after that. The influence of non-English-speaking content such as such will continue,” he emphasized.



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