BBGI filed a filing for SET registration, offering no more than 433.20 million ordinary shares

Ms. Busaraporn Chanchucherd, Deputy Managing Director Investment Banking Krungthai Zmico Securities Company Limited, as a financial advisor, BBGI Public Company Limited or BBGI, said that on September 30, 2021, BBGI submitted an application for an offer for sale of securities and a registration statement. Information on the offering of securities (filing) to the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by offering for sale of newly issued ordinary shares in the amount of not more than 433.20 million shares, at a par value (par) of 2.50 per share. Baht, representing not more than 30.00% of the total number of ordinary shares issued and sold, divided into:

1. The portion offered for sale to the shareholders of Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited or Bangchak and Khon Kaen Sugar Industry Public Company Limited or KSL, only those who are entitled to share allocation (Pre-emptive Rights) and 2 .The portion offered for sale to the general public including benefactors of the Company and its subsidiaries or a person who has a relationship according to the relevant criteria Person at the discretion of the underwriter Specific main investors (“Cornerstone Investors”) and institutional investors to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)

Mr. Kittipong Limsuwanroj Chief Executive Officer and President of BBGI Public Company Limited (“BBGI” or the Group of Companies) revealed that with the strength of BBGI that started from the synergy of 2 leaders in the bio-products business (Bio- based Products) between Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, the 2nd largest fuel producer and distributor in Thailand with a network of gas stations nationwide Focusing on business development with green innovation for the environment and society, and Khon Kaen Sugar Industry Public Company Limited or KSL, the 4th largest sugar producer and distributor in the country, has a full range of sugar related businesses, giving BBGI a strong foundation. Ready to drive towards becoming a leader in high-value bio-based products that promote health through green innovations

In this regard, BBGI operates its business by acquiring shares in other companies (Holding Company) consisting of 1. Main business is the production and distribution of bio-based products in the category of biofuel products such as biodiesel, glycerin. Food and pharmaceutical grade purified ethanol, pharmaceutical grade disinfectant alcohol and 2. Other businesses are High Value Bio-Based Products (HVP) business related to health and well- Being) that uses advanced technologies that are patented or protected by the Intellectual Property Act of which BBGI owns or obtains such patents.

Mr. Kittipong said that at present, the Group is a leading producer and distributor of biodiesel in Thailand. Sold to major oil traders in the country, including Bangchak. and other oil traders with a biodiesel plant located in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province The total production capacity is 1,000,000 liters per day. It is also a leading ethanol producer and trader in the country. Sold to major oil traders who are the same customer base as biodiesel business. With a total of 3 ethanol production plants located in Khon Kaen, Kanchanaburi and Chachoengsao provinces, the total capacity for ethanol is 600,000 liters per day, which is currently in the process of expanding the ethanol production capacity by an additional 200,000 liters. per day to promote fuel energy security for the country

“Our vision is to be the leader of an international bio-product group. that drives business with green innovation on sustainability which in addition to focusing on increasing the variety of business and bringing natural products to add as much value as possible It also helps to meet the needs of consumers in a new era of health care with natural products. There is a plan to grow the business of high-value bio-based products through studies, research and development of related technologies. To bring knowledge to build a system and production base for high-value bio-products that promote health through green innovations in Thailand Ready to join hands with a network of partners to deliver bio-products that are valuable to the global society effectively,” said Mr. Kittipong.

At present, BBGI has a registered capital of 3,615.00 million baht, divided into 1,446.00 million ordinary shares with a par value (par) of 2.50 baht per share, with a total paid-up capital of 2,532.00 million baht, divided into 1,012.80 million ordinary shares. fundraising this time Some of them are used to invest in business expansion. and invest in future projects of the Group of Companies including the development process Improve operational efficiency of the company group and subsidiary The remainder will be used to repay loans to financial institutions and to repay bonds of the Company’s group. including used as working capital for operations


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