Home Business BCAP Asset Management delights investors with overwhelming response to 2 funds – Post Today Mutual Funds

BCAP Asset Management delights investors with overwhelming response to 2 funds – Post Today Mutual Funds

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BCAP Asset Management delights investors with overwhelming response to 2 funds

Date 27 Sep 2021 time 10:00

BCAP Asset Management is pleased to close the IPO, the purchase of “BCAP-GMA – BCAP-GMA Plus” is close to 6 billion baht.

Mrs. Metwadee Prasertsinthana Managing Director Bangkok Capital Asset Management (BCAP) said that after the company launched its IPO, BCAP Global Multi Asset Fund (BCAP -GMA) and BCAP Global Multi Asset Fund Set Plus (BCAP -GMA Plus) on September 16-22, it appears that it has received great interest and response from investors. This is reflected from the total amount of subscriptions for investment units of both funds totaling 5,916 million baht, divided into 3,058 million baht for the purchase of BCAP -GMA Open-end Fund and 2,858 million baht for the purchase of BCAP -GMA Plus Fund.

Factors supporting both funds have received good response from investors. It comes from the collaboration between BCAP Asset Management and PICTET, the world’s leading private bank service group. from Switzerland In presenting a global wealth management strategy designed for Bangkok Bank customers only Because investing in BCAP-GMA and BCAP-GMA Plus is like receiving investment advice from world-class experts in managing your clients’ portfolios.

PICTET is a leading global wealth management expert. It has a network and offices covering 30 major cities around the world in all regions. As of May 2021, PICTET has assets under management of more than 685 billion Swiss Francs or approximately 22 trillion baht.

As for BCAP-GMA Fund, it is a fund that focuses on investing in diversified assets around the world around the world that is stable and low risk, about 80% such as deposits, bonds, bonds and about 20% invests in risky assets. BCAP-GMA Plus has a policy. Invests approximately 75% in global risk-weighted assets such as gold REITs, and approximately 25% equity investments in fixed assets.

Both funds will open for sale of investment units again on September 28, 2021 through Bangkok Bank branches. and mobile banking from Bangkok Bank With a minimum investment of only 500 baht and for investors who have never had a fund account of BCAPAM, can open a fund account through Mobile Banking from Bangkok Bank and buy BCAP-GMA and BCAP-GMA Plus funds

Ms Methwadee said that this collaboration brings together the experience and capabilities of a world-class private bank. to Thai investors In order to access investments that are not easily accessible to ordinary investors. We are committed to bringing investment innovation and world-class investment style to Thai investors. These 2 funds are just the beginning. We won’t stop here.




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