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BCCI and the selectors are the reason why India lost in the Twenty20 World Cup semi-final, says Minister V. Shivankutty Sivankutty said this through a Facebook note after the India-England semi-final match. Sivankutty was upset that Rishabh Pant and Dinesh Karthik, who did not even cross double figures in a single match, were replaced by Sanju Samson, who is a good power hitter and an average batsman. Sivankutty also requests BCCI to stop this quota game.

Shivankutty’s Facebook post:

It is unfortunate that India lost to England in the semi-final of the Twenty20 World Cup. There is pain in it. BCCI and the selectors are the reason for this loss. Rishabh Pant and Dinesh Karthik have made it to the World Cup team as a wicketkeeper/batsman. Take a look at their performance in the World Cup. None of them managed to cross double figures even in one game. Both were picked in the team ahead of Sanju Samson, who is a good power hitter, in form and has a good average. I made it clear then that this was completely unfair.

Look at another example. Rishabh Pant has been appointed vice-captain in the upcoming New Zealand series in ODIs and T20Is. In other words, the agenda is to keep him in the team no matter how out of form he is. Sanju is included as a batter only. One more thing. Bangladesh’s ODI squad for the series has been announced. There is also Rishabh Pant, Sanju is not there. Will BCCI stop this quota game? I will say out loud that the World Cup title was removed because of prejudice.

English Summary: BCCI and selectors responsible for India’s defeat in T20 world cup, says V Sivankutty


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