BCCI to offer annual contract to T20 specialists

Mumbai: The BCCI is ready to give annual contracts to players who play only in T20s. Currently, only Test and ODI players are included in the BCCI’s annual contract. With the annual contract being awarded to T20 players, more players will benefit from it.

The Indian Express reports that the main condition for getting an annual contract is to have played at least 10 T20 matches for the country. Those who have played in at least three Tests or seven ODIs have so far been considered for the annual contract. But last year, the BCCI gave Washington Sunder, who only played for India in the T20s, an annual contract.

Annual contracts are currently awarded in four categories: A Plus, A, B and C. The A Plus star will get an annual salary of Rs 7 crore. Category A players will get Rs 5 crore, category B players Rs 3 crore and category C players Rs 1 crore.

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Last Updated 20, Nov 2020, 10:34 PM



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