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  China Entertainment News male guest who makes people happy just by looking at his appearance will appear in “If You Are the One” tonight (June 3). His attitude of “being a happy maker in love” is appreciated even more from the female guests. Another warm-hearted boy appeared on stage The warm story between him and his mother moved the audience, and even staged a romantic “dialogue style” blind date with female guests.

  Be a happy maker in love like you

With eyes full of smiles and the corners of his mouth raised, the male guest Hou Ang, who makes people happy just by looking at his appearance, is a particularly optimistic person, “I will look for interesting things in my ordinary life, and it is recognized that I can inspire the atmosphere of friends around me. I don’t want to see others suffer, and I really hope that everyone can always show a sincere smile and find the simple happiness in life.” In love, Hou Ang also looks forward to being a “happiness maker”, “I think the real surprise in love Instead of just giving a gift during the festival, you should create happiness in the details of life. For example, go shopping for your favorite food on the way home from work; strawberry season is here, and I’ll make you a strawberry bouquet…”

What is good love? Hou Ang has his own standards of consideration, “My ideal love is that each other is willing to like each other’s hobbies. Although I look great, I am also willing to go with you to buy cute blinds and cute succulent boxes. At the same time, I hope you are also ready to wear sneakers to go with me to sweat on the sports field.” The three teachers suggested: Most likely, in a close relationship, whether it’s a boyfriend or a couple, you want the other party to like all your hobbies. However, as long as the other party cares about you and your like, Ta will show interest in at least one of your hobbies. If the other half has no interest in all your hobbies, Ta shouldn’t like you that much.

Fengyue, Tie Mengna, Hui Sitong, Wang Ruojie and many other female guests left the lights on until the end. Fengyue’s optimism attracted Hou Ang very much, “I am a very optimistic girl with always a positive attitude. Things will go well. Self-digest.” In the last question session, Hou Ang asked the female applicants: “If we hold hands, what is the first thing you want me to do?” Feng Yue’s answer made him even more tempted, “We are fellow villagers, and I think we can go home and drink a bowl of spicy soup together!” Meng Fei said, “It feels like two people drinking spicy soup together like living life, especially with a sense of imagery and belonging.” In the end, the two can successfully Did they hold hands?

  Come on stage with the warmth and romance of male Guestsan antiphonal songmode”blind date

The male guest Wang Minghui is an original musician, and his bright voice touched the audience.” The singing voice of the male guest has a special affection, and he sings with a real and vivid sense of image.” As touching as the singing, there are also male guests Taking my mother to sing the warm story of traveling in China, “My mother was seriously ill two years ago. In order to let her go about receiving treatment, I took my mother on a singing tour around China. Car, and guitar, we Walk and sing all the way, not only harvest the scenery along the way, but also bring more happiness. My mother’s mood is getting better and better, and her condition is getting better and better, becoming more and more sunny, full of confidence and strength!” Wang Minghui and My mother’s story of singing and traveling in China has been reported by “People’s Daily” and CCTV news in succession, and was even named “Warm Person 2022” by Xinhua News Agency.

In terms of emotional topics, Wang Minghui is particularly jealous of the love between his parents, “My mother has been gentle all her life, and my father has taken care of her all her life. The relationship between both very harmonious. I. also imagine my happy life in the future, that is, maybe we have a beautiful daughter, I teach her to sing, my boyfriend writes the lyrics, and I compose’ the music.At the beginning, I already thought, ‘I don’t want to lose the time, I don’t want to lose your picture, I don’t want to lose the sunny day after the heavy rain…’After you How will I continue to write?” Immediately after, the scene began in a romantic “dialogue style” blind date, and the female guest Wang Ruojie continued: “I have fleeting time like water, and I have a green lotus that is not stained by mud, and I want to get About your confidant and confidante.” However, Zhao Qin’s answer seemed to move the male guest even more, “I want to hear your voice, I want to be your only one, and it the faint smile in my eyes engraved in my heart.”

The “dialogue style” blind date on the site was very romantic, but Chen Ming also suggested: “In reality, the male guest is more sensitive and shy in his heart, so he can open up a little bit. Then, he feeling very poetic and romantic, but There is less smoke and fire The male guest is a little closed in the world of music, so you can find a love that is full of smoke and fire to help him return to his everyday life.” In the end, can the male guest hold hands successfully? Tonight (June 3) at 20:30, please look forward to Jiangsu Satellite TV’s “If You Are The One”!


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