be careful! scam investment through apps The damage was almost 100 million baht.

Victims all over Thailand File a report to the Isan Cyber ​​Police after being hit. scam investment through apps open a convenience store and purchase various products The damage was almost 100 million.

At 11:00 a.m. on January 17, 2022, there were victims of being scam investment through apps both from the area Khon Kaen, Chaiyaphum and Bangkok gathered to file a complaint at the Technology Crime Investigation Division 3, Khon Kaen Province (Chief Investigator Scout 3) to accuse the group of people who persuaded them. to invest through the application Buy and sell products online, consumer goods, and more. Connect without limits.

After the officer examines the documentary evidence and interrogates the victim in accordance with the procedures Mrs. Orapriya, 53 years old said her husband’s acquaintance persuaded him to invest in online coin purchases. and to invest in opening a product shop According to the size of the store that you want to open, for example, a small shop in the amount of 30,000 baht to a large one in the amount of 120,000 baht

The said company claims that if you invest in buying coins in online stores, the more you buy, the higher the dividends you get from the purchase. Or if you buy as a store, you will get high dividends as well. In addition, the company has organized a promotion. that will receive double the compensation and divide the payment every week

In the first phase of the investment, Ms. Orapriya stated that it received a real return. then decide to invest With the purchase of a total of 6 diamond rings, which is a pre-order. to order the production of the ring according to the desired size but never saw the diamond ring I ordered

until the dividend And ordering the ring began to have problems. When asked, the company claimed that it was in the process of improving the application. Until September 2021, the company has stopped operating. can’t contact And most recently, the company stated that it would pay in January, 2022, but still no sign. therefore believed that the company was deceived to invest Therefore, they asked the group of investors together who found that the Company had acted in the same way as well. therefore gathered to travel to complain and file a lawsuit and from the preliminary investigation, it was found that the damage was worth more than 88 million baht.

While Ms. Kochakorn, 33, one of the victims, said that a neighbor suggested to buy products through an application. which initially accepted that it was better than buying products in the market because they get coins that can be exchanged for cash back In addition, in the past, the covid epidemic was severe. The family had a hard time earning money. Therefore, I decided to invest because it was a profitable purchase and the product was used as well.



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