Be careful to lose weight after infection, it can be “acute sarcopenia” of the upper body | CCP pneumonia | Covid-19

Beijing time:2022-09-20 01:19

[NTD, amser Beijing, Medi 20, 2022]After a 70-year-old aunt in Taichung was diagnosed with CCP pneumonia and recovered, she lost 10 kilograms in weight within a week. She went to the doctor and found that it was caused by acute sarcopenia after the diagnosis of CCP pneumonia Affiliated Medicine of China Medical University integrates Chinese and Western medical methods, and with rehabilitation exercises, patients recover smoothly.

Ms. Wu, 70 years old, was diagnosed with COVID-19 a few days ago. After that, she not only coughed easily, but also suffered from chest tightness and respiratory tract inflammation. She also lost 10 kilogram in weight within a week.

Ms. Wu’s patient: “I seem to be a little weak. Sometimes I get a little short of breath after walking a few steps. It seems that my feet can’t stand up properly when I wake up in the morning.”

Wu Peiqing, an attending physician at the Department of Integrative Medicine, Affiliated Medicine of China Medical University said: “The patient may suffer from an abnormal sense of smell and taste. He just vomited and had diarrhea, and then he can’t eat. good It will lead to insufficient intake of nutrition and protein, and will be sick. In this state, our activity will decrease.”

According to a systematic review published in a foreign journal (Frontiers in Nutrition) in July 2022, the probability of developing acute sarcopenia after the diagnosis of COVID-19 pneumonia is about 49%. Doctors estimate that more than 2 million people in Taiwan may be diagnosed with product sarcopenia.

Wu Peiqing, attending physician of the Department of Integrative Medicine, Affiliated Medicine of China Medical University: “If it is acute, it will happen in a short time. If today is a short time after the diagnosis of the new crown, there is weight loss in sudden, poor grip strength, and walking speed. If it’s bad, then we think the possibility of it being caused by the new crown will be higher.”

Liu Donghuan, a doctor from the Rehabilitation Department of Affiliated Medicine of China Medical University: “About one to two eggs a day, and you can also eat some mushrooms, such as oyster mushrooms or mushrooms, which are rich in vitamin D, and you can even eat some fish, tuna, salmon, swordfish, sardines, all rich in vitamin D.”

Jian Hongjie, a physiotherapist from the Affiliated Medical University of Chinese Medical University: “Suppose you come back slowly after 10 seconds, and you will feel a contraction in the back when you pull back.”

For sarcopenia after infection, Western medicine recommends supplementing with protein and vitamin D, along with resistance training, core muscle group exercise or aerobic exercise; while traditional Chinese medicine also recommends drinking blood-enhancing and muscle-building tea to increase appetite and increase body weight and BMI.

(Asia-Pacific TV’s New Tang Dynasty Qiu Tianxi interviewed and reported in Taichung, Taiwan / Editor-in-Chief: Jia Xin)

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