Be clear! Ploy Chermarn announces good news via IG.

The condition of the heart is now clear and I can say that it has made many fans very funny when Ploy Cherman, a real person!! Post a picture of the Big Tong Toupee couple checking out a restaurant in London for fans to see together, along with writing the caption “Yup couple” This is another news that fans have been waiting for a very long time.

After that, many people commented, for example:

Khun Mam is the cute, finally, finally, finally, the thing you’ve been waiting for, cheers, I like Ploy, she’s pretty and cute. twin, scream out loud, the photo of the couple who have been waiting for a bright morning, the mobile phone is sunny, the couple’s photo screen is also launched, very sweet, good for the heart, scream Yup , the couple who took the first picture