be even worse! The affect of Storm Mulan floods the most important highway in Chiang Rai.

On August 12, 65 following getting bornrainrepeatedly down in Chiang Rai area From the very last night to the early morning of the Mulan storm As a result, wild water flows into a small river in Nang Sub-District, Ban Du Sub-District, Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province. which has a large volume and brought on the drainage to hold up until it overflowed and flooded the visitors surface area on Phaholyothin Street, up and down the route to the Mae Chan Area, Mae Sai and down the river into the cityChiang Rai

From the place in front of Chiang Rai Rajabhat College, Ban Du Subdistrict, to the entrance of Ban Pa Ha, Nang Lae Subdistrict, the drinking water degree is 10-40 centimeters significant, producing the website traffic to go again and forth. can only use just one route The length is more than 300 metres, leading to serious website traffic congestion. Officers from all departments continue on to facilitate usefulness. and intermittently shut to traffic

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In addition, a massive volume of water is also flooding the homes of several folks in the location of ​​Ban Du Sub-District, Nang Lae Sub-District, like the rice fields of the villagers, there was also a ton of flooding. The quantity of drinking water began to minimize. because no additional forest drinking water has been added to that place It is envisioned this afternoon that the sum of water will fall again to ordinary. The weather conditions in the Chiang Rai location It is even now raining but the amount of money has decreased

Mr Pattanapong Phoket, the mayor of Theslai Tambon Ban Du, explained that the water that flows in the Ban Du sub-district place is the drinking water that flows from Doi Pong Phra Bats. From the survey, it was observed that the location is underneath the obligation of Ban Du Sub-Regional Municipality By having the officers urgently provide sandbags to distribute to the villagers And consider the backhoe out to excavate the place in which the drinking water. as very well as letting officers to velocity up the survey of the people’s destruction

On the side, Mr Kanchit Chomphudaeng, Chiang Rai Provincial Public Protection and Aid, disclosed that heavy rain brought about flooding in a lot of spots in Chiang Rai Most of it is h2o that is waiting to be drained into the principal a river

Identified, from the evening of 11 August – 12 August 65, in the region of ​​4 districts, 8 sub-districts, 15 villages, specifically Chiang Rai in the region of ​​Ban Du Sub-District, Village No. 1, Village 9, March 17, Rim Subdistrict Moo 1, Moo 5, Rob Wiang Subdistrict, Moo 4, Nang Lae Subdistrict, Moo 1, Khun Tan District, Pa Tan Subdistrict, Moo 2, Moo 7, Moo 10, Ta Subdistrict, Moo 1, Wiang Kaen Sub-district , Po Moo 2 and Chiang Saen region, Sri Don Mun sub-district, Moo 9, no injuries or deaths have been claimed. who are nevertheless in the procedure of carrying out a even further survey of the afflicted places

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