Be Good To The Bone

Be Good To The Bone

Dr. Rikin Patel

From Often was called the silent killer, osteoporosis, “loss of bone density”. How we move, how we move. 10 million Americans. T Worldwide 1 in 3 women over age 1 of 5 men over 50.

Our skeletal system. Like the chassis t My 2006 Honda Odyssey hit 150k miles recently and the engine rattles like the roof is about to fly off.

In our own lives was never as important as it is today. In the 1960's life expectancy was around 70. By 2000 it was 75. And today, its 85+.

10 years of practice orthopedics and the chassis. (A). T

So what can we do about it? We can now prepare our bodies for aging. How we live web pages how much we live?

Has shown (((( Osteogenic loading. T The issue? Those repetitive activities t

Several medications exist. These medications are often considered the best. However, acid from cost, to be avoided. Those of us taking a calcium can be considered. Health without a stimulus that will be used to build a bone bone. Bone density generation requires intense loading.

A newly developed robotic musculoskeletal development system has been used to develop the system. A true biohack, the Spectrum system is available at Osteostrong. Multiples of body weight t (a) multiples of body weight. T . T

In 2015, In the Journal of Osteoporosis & Physical Activity, Jaquish et al. 14% average increase in bone density in post-menopausal women after 6 months of osteogenic loading using a robotic muscular developmental system.

The benefits of osteogenic loading leg beyond building strong bones. 4 '11. T . Tpotential. T

Dr. Rikin Patel is board certified in both PM&R with subspecialty board. Specialized in Non-operative Orthopedic and Spine Care.


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