“Be on Cloud” has canceled the KINNPORSCHE world tour in Vietnam. The actor was horrified.

On the last night of today (February 6), the main account “B on Cloud” has published a letter canceling “Kinn Porsche” who is about to go on a world tour. Going to be held in Vietnam on February 11, for the reason that there is unrest now. which is expected to be serious The content of the artists under the label were harassed, intimidated, so there was a reason to cancel this world tour immediately.

“Be on Cloud” would like to cancel the event.
because of incidents with malicious groups declaring that it will cause disturbances with various acts of violence
and threatened to harm the performers, staff, and fans who attended the 2022 KINNPORSCHE The Series WorldTour Final Stop. [FANCON] IN HO CHI MINH CITY which is to be held on February 11, 2023 where threats have occurred many times in many ways. Through all parties involved in the work
After Be On Cloud Co, Ltd has considered the possible physical and mental risks and dangers for the performers, crew and fans who will be attending the event
The company needs to cancel this event. which is a very embarrassing issue for all parties
However, it is very bad from all the actors Be On Cloud and: CM Live. and apologize to the fans
Vietnamese people as well as fans from other countries are highly valued here.
For those who have already bought tickets You can follow the details of applying for a refund at https://ticketbox.vn
Thank you for the love and support you have always given us. Hopefully we can meet in the future.”

And, of course, the voices split into several parties. As for the Thai fans, they said they felt sorry for the Vietnamese fans, but in case of uncertainty, they had to cancel to prevent incidents from happening to the performers. Content also invites you to watch the world tour taking place in Thailand at the end of this month

But on the side of Vietnamese supporters They disagreed with this reason. Because of the fact that the agency gives reasons like this Does it make everyone think that this country is not safe? Or some people post pictures of plane tickets and accommodation ready to fly to see Ho Chi Minh. But some even said they had canceled because the tickets had not sold out.

each reason is very different, depending on what people think but in the end respect the agency’s decision

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