Bean, 32, was cut off in the kidnapping of the Detroit children

Detroit – Detroit's wife, 32 years of age, was on Monday Monday for alleged reasons that she was filing a false report about her 4-year-old son's age during car theft over the end week, Wayne County Prosecutor's Office said Monday.

Domanique Rezende was denounced in the 36th Detroit District Court for care of a false child abduction before Magistrate Dawn M. White.

Rezende joined in the Provision of Urban Beauty which is located in the 15000 block of Joy Road at about 2:30 p.m. Saturday, when a man drove out in his Ford Fusion 2014, the police said. The keys were left in the ignition and the car was running, the police said.

The police said the victim told them that her 4 year old son was inside when the vehicle was stolen.

The car was found, with heavy damage to the driver's side, later in the Fitzpatrick 18000 block.

The child was not inside. The police said it was with his grandmother all the time, on a 19000 Mendota block.

Police are still looking for the man to steal the car.

A conference of likely cause is scheduled for 23 April before Judge Cylenthia Miller in the 36th District Court. The bond was set at $ 7,500.

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