Beautiful girl highlights the “Big” target hired to perform “Macao 888” MV: PPTVHD36

The police accuse the rapper songwriter Macau888 for trying to gamble And go to court, and the 2 pretty girls shown in the music video do not fall within the scope of the blame Prepare to extend the prosecution against the employer group.

After the police detained Mr. Anuwat Khamya or Gear, a rapper commonly known as AKA or MC KING, who composes songs and sings commercials for the online gaming website “Macau888” from Sakon Nakhon Province, comes to questioned at the Royal Thai Police. the police have already charged Mr. Anuwat for persuading him to gamble directly or indirectly, and Mr. Anuwat. so he sent the case to the Don Mueang District Court

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Invite rappers, songwriters and actors of the “Macau 888” music video to ask.

Most recently, the court ordered a month’s imprisonment and a fine of 1,000 baht, while imprisonment was suspended for one year.

while Ms. Thanyakarn and Ms. Mira, 2 beautiful girls who dance to the song without being charged Because the behavior did not fall within the scope of a crime, and it was found that he was allowed to dance only without background music So I am not know what it was used for, but they both gave benefits to the employer and all 3 people said that The person who is employed by the name “Big” is a marketing manager for website “Macau888” and confirms that it is not Big, Benz Damon’s brother, who is the main accused.

Although the search in the house of Mr Big, who hired the 3 people to make music, was not in the house, but initially prepared to collect evidence to send to an investigative department The Royal Thai Embassy considered asking the court to continue to issue an arrest warrant and also found that the Mr. Big this is someone close to Benz Damon, who did all the marketing work.

After this, after having evidence of employment and money transfers to a group of composers or dealers who are already dancing in the music video It can be linked to that. who is the employer And how is he connected to the Macau888 gaming website, which can be further prosecuted?

Chief Wiwat Khamchamnan, Deputy Commander of the Royal Thai Navy. The investigation revealed the financial routes of the Macau888 online gambling network group. together with the Anti-Money Laundering Office or AMLO to investigate the connection of Mr. Chaiwat Kachonbunthavorn or “Benz Damon”, the main accused in the case with close people, expecting to get clarity soon

while the property of this network The police have already found some of the property. It is in the process of extending the effect to prevent manipulation or transfer to other people. As for this group, when receiving money from online gambling, it will be changed to which assets have not disclosed details yet. because it is the subject of an investigation

Regarding the information examination by Ms. Arisara Thongpuroon or Dew, the actress in Taiwan earlier, on March 16, the actress will return to Thailand. and will meet at the Royal Thai Embassy again to confirm the statement. to testify as a witness because the previous inquiries were in areas outside the Declared Kingdom only, the police do not have the power to investigate. Which, if the actress comes to certify the evidence, then it can be used in the case file