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To improve pigmentation and pore problems, it is necessary to know how to maintain the skin. Professional therapist Zhang Leya was interviewed by The Sky News recently, dismantling the three common causes of pigmentation, and explaining how M22 pulsed light therapy can improve skin problems and restore flawless and tender skin.

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M22 pulsed light to repel dark spots and restore flawless tender skin

“Sky Post Mrs.” Huai Yu said that after giving birth to her daughter, she developed a lot of pigmentation spots on her face, and she spent more time outdoors with her children, resulting in uneven skin tone. In addition, due to the epidemic in recent years, she often wears a mask, which makes her skin even worse. Large pores and various skin problems plagued her.

Professional therapist Zhang Leya said that there are three most common types of pigmentation spots in Hong Kong, namely hormonal spots, sun spots and freckles. Hormone spots are related to the level of hormones. For example, after giving birth to a child or during menstruation, hormonal spots are more likely to appear from time to time. Freckles and sun spots are caused by ultraviolet rays. , it is possible to have such stains. Freckles are tiny spots that appear on the surface; sun spots are usually larger, and some people appear genetically.

If she wants to improve her pigmentation problem, she said she can try M22 intensive pulsed light therapy. The instrument can display suitable filter types for skin concerns. M22 Intensive Pulse Light is equipped with 3 lenses and 9 filters, 2 of which are specially designed lenses, and the other 7 lenses can treat pores, uneven pigmentation, pigmentation and skin care problems. Basically once every 3 to 4 weeks, 6 to 8 times can solve skin problems.

She said that when using different nano lenses, the feeling will be different, but basically there will be a slight heat on the face, a “flick” feeling, and the pain will be mild. If you want to deal with freckles and other surface color classes, it may be slightly red and “peanut coat” after treatment, but she stressed that this is a normal reaction, usually the redness will fade after applying the mask, and “peanut coat” basically within a week It can be subsided, and even some people have a fast metabolism, and it can subside in 2 or 3 days, so there is no need to worry.

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Sunscreen and moisturizing to prevent pigmentation

To prevent pigmentation, apply sunscreen and moisturizing frequently before and after treatment. Zhang Leya pointed out that UVB invasion of the skin can easily cause pigmentation problems, and long-term exposure to UVB will cause skin fling and sunburn. She reminded that when buying sunscreen products, pay special attention to SPF and PA. SPF refers to the ability to block UVB. She pointed out that SPF30 can prevent UVB very low, at least 50 of them can prevent 98% of UVB; as for PA, the more “+” the better, because each “+” has two stronger functions. 1 “+” is 8 times more protective than 4 “+”.

In addition, SPF30 sunscreen only takes 300 minutes to protect the skin, and the lower degree of sunscreen protection time is less, so you should reapply sunscreen products according to the guidelines. When applying sunscreen products, you should also apply enough amount, at least the size of a 5 yuan coin, but not too little, so as not to affect the sunscreen ability.

As for the effects and risks of cosmetic treatments, you need to evaluate yourself. If you have any questions, you can consult your doctor for professional advice.

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