“Beautiful Mysterious Survivors” steam prologue Beautiful Mysterious Survivors is free, and the adult shooter version will give special rewards | 4 Gamers

Vampire-style shoot-em-up game Survivor is already one of the hottest tags on Steam right now, you can find classic 2D dot matrix pixel artworks, as well as 3D productions with beautiful special effects, so now is the time to join Pretty Goddess Survival the person. The prologue to Beautiful Mystic Survivors, developed by Archmage Games Studio, will be available on Steam for free.

The gameplay doesn’t need to be explained, “Beautiful Mystic Survivors” is a goddess-based shooter. The game has garnered a lot of praise overseas in the DEMO trials in the past. Players can operate their own heroines with special abilities to fight on the Match different weapons and relics to enjoy beautiful 3D scenes and special effects on the battlefield.


Each heroine has a Japanese voice, “Beautiful Mystic Survivors” Japanese style with high-quality animation, it seems a little luxurious like a shooting sketch game, but if you notice another “Sexy Mystic Survivors” in the store information , he will understand.

Yes, “Beautiful Mystic Survivors” is a general-oriented work, and the real body is the adult shooter “Sexy Mystic Survivors” produced by the same team.

Whether it is the Sith version or the normal version, the fighting performance of the game is at the same level. The difference is that the goddesses in the adult version, after the battle, will give special rewards to the main a male character, so you can understand the purpose of the Japanese dubbing and Live2D portrait (NSF contact note).


The DEMO demo of “Beautiful Mystic Survivors” is available for download on Steam, and the prologue will be released for free on the 23rd of this week and will add two new characters, “Paladin Rosalind” and “Druid Ciara”, the official version will be available in October.

Regarding the adult clear gun version of “Sexy Mystic Survivors”, because the progress of the two games is not the same, it is recommended to train in “Beautiful Mystic Survivors” first, and then after the game is released, it will getting the goddess’ reward is easier.

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