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Researchers have recreated the face of an Egyptian mummy who died 2600 years ago using state – of – the – art computer technology using CT scans and other information. This mummy has proven to be a beautiful young woman with big brown eyes and slightly protruding teeth. Scientists have unearthed a mummy called Shepenosis, which is housed in the Sao Galo Abbey Library in Saint Gallen, Switzerland.

Mummy was discovered in 1819 on the west bank of the Nile River in Egypt, in a burial ground known as Dyer El Behari. The following year, Mummy was brought to Switzerland. Later it is kept there.

Researchers who examined the seals on Shepnaise’s coffin found that she was born into a wealthy aristocratic family. They lived in the 7th century BC. Shepnaisis was the daughter of Paschenfi, a priest in Thebes, an ancient Egyptian city. They died in 610 BC. Researchers have not been able to locate her husband’s name or children’s information.

Schopenhauer is known as the most famous mummy in Switzerland. The researchers spent months trying to reconstruct their faces. Mummy’s face was redesigned by renowned 3D designer Cicero Morais from Brazil.

English Summary : Scientists reconstruct face female Mummy died 2,600 years ago



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