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“BEAUTY” joins hands with “DOD” partner to sign MOU in the cosmetics business from “Hemp”

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“BEAUTY” joins hands with “DOD” partners to sign MOU, join forces to create 4 products of hemp extract, facial and dietary supplements, to launch 4 products in the second half of 2021 through both domestic and international distribution channels to support sales.

Dr. Suwin Kraiphubes, Chief Executive Officer of Beauty Community Public Company Limited (BEAUTY), a leading cosmetic retailer. Healthcare and skin care products with the concept of Live a beautiful life under the brand GINO McCRAY, SCENTIO, MADE IN NATURE revealed that on March 16, 2021, Beauty Community Plc. And DO. D Biotech has a memorandum of understanding that through cooperation in research and development of finished products (Finished Product) as well as the production of hemp-related products. In order for Beauty Community Public Company Limited to bring the finished product (Finished Product) to distribute to both domestic and international markets. Within the second half of 2021

Initially, BEAUTY and DOD plans to develop four facial products and hemp extract supplements: 1. Whitening Gel Cream : Facial care products for white and clear skin 2. Dietary Supplement for Sleep Well Plus Omega : Dietary supplements help with sleep and relieve stress. 3.Organic Tea : Hemp tea products help to relax and reduce stress and anxiety. 4. Organic Tea Plus Detox Brewed tea products help detoxify residual waste in the nutrient absorption system.

For this cooperation It is believed that it is an extension of the businesses of 2 listed companies in the stock exchange. Under a Strategic Partner to collaborate to develop new products that contain hemp. Responding to the promotion of hemp, a new economic crop of the country, in accordance with the urgent policy of the government. By leveraging the strengths and expertise of both companies to help drive the market value for both manufacturers, distributors and consumers simultaneously, BEAUTY is a leading cosmetic retailer. Health and skin care products It has strong potential in various distribution channels, both online and offline, covering both domestic and international markets, while DOD specializes in the development, research, formulation, innovation and manufacturing of nutritional supplements. And skin care cosmetics Including Siam Herbaltech Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of DOD, to enhance the production potential of the hemp business.

Dr. Suwin Kraibhubes added. “This year, BEAUTY adjusted the market strategy. Focus on expanding distribution channels with high expansion And reach more customer groups Not limited to branch stores There are several new non-hemp products launched plans to serve the needs of both domestic and international markets. Especially the Fast MovingConsumer Goods (FMCG) product group, including planning to distribute this group nationwide, with plans to appoint 8 major distributors to manage the distribution and marketing nationwide. Expected to complete the appointment within 2Q21 “

Mr. Thanin Srisethi, Chief Executive Officer of DOD Biotech Public Company Limited or DOD, revealed that this cooperation In addition to expanding the business under being a joint Strategic Partner, it also creates a new dimension between the leaders of the group of companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand between DOD, a leader in expertise in research development, formulation, innovation and product manufacturing. Food supplement Cosmetics and skincare In addition, Siam Herbaltech Co., Ltd. (subsidiary of DOD) will strengthen the production line of hemp business. It helps to expand and create added value from the import-distribution of seeds and extraction into the production process in the form of a finished product (Finished Product) with a complete range of hemp extracts at the top level of the country.

“For Siam Herbaltech’s seeds, 10 strains are imported from the United States, initially expected to be imported in early April. At the same time, the company is preparing to apply for a license to sell seeds. Including preparing to apply for a license to set up a CBD extract plant to be a producer and distributor of hemp extract products Which if the company has received all the licenses as applied for This further reinforces the potential, strength and leadership of DOD in the country as a manufacturer of dietary supplements. Cosmetics and skincare From hemp extract ”

While the business partner, Beauty Community Plc. Is the leader in cosmetic and skincare retailing under the concept of Live a beautiful life, which is already the market leader in the country’s top retail business. Therefore, the strengths of both companies will help drive the market value for both manufacturers, distributors and consumers to grow together.

However, signing the MOU this time, DOD will be the inventor of research and product development. Including the production of a finished product (Finished Product) covering the skin care products and dietary supplements. Containing extracts from hemp (After receiving approval from the Food and Drug Administration) to Beauty Community Plc. To lead to the registration of finished products in both domestic and international markets for customers. Therefore, believe that the cooperation between the 2 public companies this time It will be able to create significant added value for DOD and BEAUTY in the future.


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