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Beauty YouTuber Dawn dies after 2 years fighting blood cancer

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Beauty YouTuber Dawn (real name Lee Jeong-ju) died on the 30th after fighting blood cancer. 30 years old.

Dawn’s agency, Ice Creative CEO Kim Eun-ha, delivered the news of obituary through social media on this day.

Representative Kim wrote, “I don’t know how to express this sadness and desolation.”

He mourned the deceased, saying, “I will not forget the courage and spirit that did not lose hope despite the long struggle. I will pray so that we will not be lonely on our way to the dawn. I will remember it forever.”

After the news was announced, fans also commemorated the deceased. Lovelyz Jin said, “I found out by chance through the YouTube algorithm. I read a book written by my sister when I was in frustration, and it was a lot of comfort,” he said. “My sister became the shining star this morning. There is no pain and pain. I will pray and pray again that all the wishes I want to do will come true,” he mourned. In addition, many fans mourned and commemorated the regrettable death of the deceased.

Dawn, who has 630,000 YouTube subscribers by introducing makeup, cosmetics, and daily life, has been diagnosed with lymphoma in February 2019 and struggled with the disease.

In the last video uploaded on the 15th of last month, Dawn said, “I heard bad news from the hospital, so I came here, but I changed my mind not to worry too much about things that haven’t happened already. I believe in the hospital and haven’t tried myself. He expressed his willingness to fight the disease, but he died in the end.

Reporter Yoo Ye-jin, Digital News Team

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