“Because of bullying at work”… 3 months of marriage, extreme selection of a new groom

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Allegations were raised that the new groom, who worked in Nonghyup for three months after his wedding, made an extreme choice due to constant harassment in the workplace.

The newly deceased groom tried to choose a theater group three weeks before the wedding, but due to the Nonghyup’s lukewarm response, he chose a theater group again and ultimately lost his life.

According to the family of Mr. And on the 25th, Mr. A (33), who joined an agricultural cooperative in the province in 2019, continues to hear abusive words from him after Mr. B took office in January last year.

Mr B said insulting words to Mr. And in front of the workers, such as “Why can’t you do your job like that?” and “I don’t know what’s in your head.”

When Mr. parked And in the workers’ car park, the family said, “Who are you to park in such a convenient place?”

Mr A, unable to withstand the bullying, eventually tried an extreme choice about three weeks before the wedding in September last year. Fortunately, Mr A was found in time and his life was saved, after which the Nonghyup began an investigation into the bullying.

However, according to Mr A’s family, the Nonghyup conducted an investigation without separating the work of the perpetrator and the victim. At that time, Mr. A in hospital due to depression caused by Mr.’s bullying. B. Even after that, Mr. B to behave offensively, such as not accepting Mr.

In the end, on the 12th, Mr A parked his car near the Nonghyup where he worked and tried another extreme choice and died in the end.

The will he left behind is said to contain content such as “I tried hard, but the office told me to take time off (it was hard)” and “This choice will be difficult for my family, but I’ I think the difficult days will be long if I continue in this state.” transfer down

Mr. A’s younger brother said, “My older brother was an office worker who worked so hard that he even received an award from the governor of Jeonbuk Province.”

He continued, “Every time my brother was bullied, he recorded the circumstances in detail on his laptop, and after learning this fact, Nonghyup’s side threw the laptop away without permission.” I hope that those responsible for neglecting the situation will be properly punished,” he said.

Mr A’s family plans to file a complaint against workplace harassment at the Ministry of Employment and Labor on the same day and also file a complaint with the police.

An official from the Nonghyup said, “The investigation was carried out in accordance with the manual and through legal procedures. He also put Mr B on paid leave and implemented the separation measures,” he said.

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