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Because of Corona 19, more cigarettes and less alcohol and exercise

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Novel coronavirus(corona19) The infection spreads 1Over the years, Koreans smoked more and reduced alcohol and exercise..

Yonsei University Graduate School of Public Health National Health Promotion Research Institute(Kim HeejinLee Ji-youngProfessor Geumji Jeong)silver 20~65Three adult men and women 1,500Targeting people last year 9From month 10Corona for two months until May19 Pandemic ISmoking afterDrinkingChanges in health behavior such as physical activity were investigated..

Smoking is similar but increased. Among all respondents, men 46.1%Women 9.7%Replied that he smoked. The monthly smoking frequency is corona19 Before fashion 25.9After the fashion in society 26.1Circuit increased.

The average daily smoking amount is before the epidemic 11.6After the fashion in Gaby 11.9By Gaby 0.3Gabby has increased. Especially corona 19Who responded that the amount of smoking has changed 79Average daily smoking amount in people 9.3From Gaby 11.2It increased significantly due to gaebi.

Both frequency and amount of alcohol consumption decreased. Among the respondents, 75.4% of men and 63.8% of women said they drink alcohol. The monthly drinking frequency decreased significantly from 5.9 times before the outbreak to 5.4 after the outbreak.

Workout hours per week also decreased.. Men do not change in frequency of exercise per week(49.6%)And decrease(27.2%)Increase(23.2%)Was more than. No change in women(36.6%)decrease(36.1%)Increase(27.2%)Was higher than.

Average frequency of exercise per week before the outbreak 3.2After fashion in th 3.6Circuit increased, 1Average daily momentum before fashion 78.6After fashion in minutes 77.5Reduced to minutes.

Professor Seon-ha Ji of Yantai Graduate School of Health In the corona pandemic situation, we investigated to create indicators for discovering and responding to health problems that Korean people need.And corona19 It will be helpful in establishing a national strategy for overcoming and improving the level of public health.Said.

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