Because of the fan moment, I couldn’t even look at Dulquer’s face and say a dialogue, the take went till 2.30 am – Hakim Shah

Actor Hakeem Shah says he is a big fan boy of Dulquer Salmaan. In an interview with Club FM, Hakim Shah said that he acted with Dulquer in ABCD but could not speak in the dialogue due to excitement.

“I am a fan boy of Dulquer. He comes to act as a terrible fan boy in ABCD. I have to tell Dulquer hey America don’t get involved in this. That’s the dialogue. At that time, Dulquer Step ran up and said if America had come here, we would have done the job and left. After that I have to say the big dialogue in my face. After that is my dialogue again.

When this whole fanboy moment and the first shot came together, I couldn’t get the dialogue. So it was taking 20, 25. When I look at Martin Prakkat, he sits like he can’t do anything, he can’t be changed. It was 2:30 at night. Dulquer and the rest should go home. Dulquer says that it was fine in the end. He said to do it carefully and watch it, study it and do it. Then he kicks me out and leaves.

And I had a good relationship with Charlie. Charlie has cheated quite a few places. A man of Dulquer’s stature should fill in for him in his absence. Often ADs. Fortunately, it was me. When you see him riding a bike, you think it’s Dulquer. But that’s me. Dulquer was not needed for that shot. If you look closely at Charlie, I’m in several places.

One day DQ sprained his leg. He was shooting songs. That whole song is a running scene. And he can’t run. Don’t run with the horse, I finally ran,’ said Hakim Shah.

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