Beehive Accident in Canada: 5 Million Bees Escape and Driver Attacked

Beehive Accident Unleashes Swarm of Bees, Driver Survives 100 Stings

Toronto, Canada – In a shocking turn of events, a beehive accident involving more than 5 million bees has caused chaos on the roads. The incident occurred near Toronto, leaving residents in the western area of the city advised to steer clear of the northern regions along Dundas Street. The mishap took place in Burlington, Ontario, when multiple beehives crashed, leading to the unexpected release of swarming bees and the subsequent falling of honeycombs. Concerned authorities have taken to social media to issue warnings, urging motorists to keep their windows closed while passing through the affected area.

The driver of the bee truck, who bore the brunt of the accident, was reportedly stung over 100 times. Thankfully, the individual did not succumb to the onslaught. Authorities in the Halton region were notified of the incident at 6:15 am local time and promptly received assistance from concerned citizens, including several beekeepers who rushed to the scene donned in protective gear. Their valiant efforts helped contain the situation, with the bees eventually being safely returned to their hives.

This unexpected event serves as a reminder of the delicate nature of transporting beehives on the road. It also highlights the bravery and selflessness displayed by local beekeepers who offered their support during this unusual crisis.

Source: AP


1 September 2023 12:26 PM.

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More than 5 million beehive trucks have been hit by a beehive accident in the middle of the road. near Toronto, Canada As a result, bees burst into nests and fly all over the area. The driver was punched more than 100 times.

Residents living in areas west of Toronto, Canada, have been warned to avoid traveling to areas north of Dundas Street. In Burlington, Ontario, after beehives containing more than 5 million bees crashed. causing the honeycomb to fall from the car until a swarm of bees flew over the area Including warnings posted on social media. Let the cars passing by Also, keep all car windows closed to prevent danger from bees. The driver of the bee truck was said to have been stung by bees more than 100 times, but did not die.

Police in the Halton area said they received a call at 6:15am local time. To help prevent a bee crate truck accident until many bees have escaped. After the incident, several beekeepers contacted the police and offered to help. by 6-7 beekeepers in protective clothing rushing to the area to help bring the bees back to the crate and sweep the area It took about three hours for the situation to be brought under control before bringing r all the beehives to a safe place to be returned to their owners.

source: AP

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