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Manama: Lal Jose’s movies are like a hive full of honey. It will have ingredients that will make the audience honey. He himself says that his films bring a lot of laughter.

Lal Jose’s films are a spring of tears, smiles, love, boredom and humor. That’s why the name he chose for his new film is Honey Sweet; ‘Solomon’s Bees’. During his visit to Bahrain, Lal Jose spoke to Gulf Media about his new film and the changing cinematic style of the day:

The beauty of the name

From his first film ‘Oru Maravathoor Kanavu’, Lal Jose pays special attention to giving names that touch the hearts of the audience. He is interested in names that are full of beauty and simplicity. Names like Meesha Madhavan, Chanthupottu, Classmates, Boy Etsamma, Between Him and Me, and Meow have captured the hearts of the audience. The central character that Jojo plays in the new movie is called Solomon.

After deliberations, the film was dubbed ‘Solomon’s Bees’. Knowing that Thomas’ memoirs have been published. The film was named after him and his consent. What makes this film special is that it goes through different flavors from the 26 films that Lal Jose has made so far. He says it can be described as a romantic thriller.

Discovery on a reality show

Lal Jose has always shown the courage to make films with newcomers. He says it’s more important who’s in the film than how the film is.

Cinema has a gambling nature. If a good movie gives the audience, they will definitely have people to watch.

The new film stars four people selected from a television reality show they did three years ago.

Along with Jojo George and Johnny Anthony, the reality show stars Shambhu Menon, Addis Akkara, Vince Aloysius and Darshana S. Nair also plays important roles.

New Age audience

Lal Jose has been in the film industry for more than three decades. After directing with Kamal for nine years as a co-director, he directed his own film in 1998. ‘The feelings and relationships of the new generation have changed. The way he treated his father and mother also changed. My children do not enjoy the song that I enjoy. Kids don’t like to watch movies that I like to watch. They are learning what attracts them. We can not stop that study. ‘

‘At the same time, the thoughts of religion and caste came back. People are now trying to express their religion through dress. Political and culturally contradictory changes are taking place. On the one hand there are revolutionary changes while on the other hand conservatism and narrow-mindedness prevail. All this is affecting the film as well. In the midst of this contradiction is a section between the old generation and the new generation.

Changing cinematic styles

Lal Jose says that the general character of the film is that it changes every 10 years. ‘With the advent of the digital age, the innocence of any people in cinema has disappeared. Today, the movie is being shot even on mobile phones. .

A decade ago, 60 films were released a year, but today there are more than 200 films being released. In the last two weeks of May alone, 24 films were released. There will be one or two names in the audience’s memory. At the same time, the positive change is that everyone gets a chance. Actors and technicians can gain more work experience. On the other hand, many people go bankrupt. Of the 200 films, 160 will be a complete loss. There are theaters where some movies are released and not a single show takes place on the first day. ‘

‘There was a perception in OTT that when a movie came out, people would definitely watch it. It has now been proven wrong. Films made by directors and actors are the only possibility there. I do not understand why the audience decides to watch a movie. That is the strength of the audience at all times. He does not mind the flood of movies.

This current influx of movies will end in the next five or six years. The arrival of visiting producers from the Gulf is also likely to be delayed. There will also be changes to the OTT platform. If you want to watch a movie, you just need to buy a ticket for it and you will no longer have to take into account all the OTT platforms.

Lal Jose, who loves traveling as much as he loves movies, has a newfound desire to travel all over India. This is just a small wish for him, who has previously traveled from Kochi to London by car.


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