Before getting married, Rain confessed, being rejected by Kim Tae Hee 5 times.

Not long ago, a reality show, a duo dabble in eating. “The Hungry Man and the Mustache Man – The Hungry and the Hairy” on Netflix Rain revealed his love story on the show, in which “Lee Hani” is now a guest. And she wonders how “Kim Tae Hee” agrees to get married.

Lee Ha Ni and Kim Tae Hee are both graduating from Seoul University, and Lee Ha Ni described their friendship on the show, “She (Kim Tae Hee) may seem indifferent. but actually active I met you at the ski club when we meet We invite you to go to the mountains. or scuba diving she doesn’t like to drink But like sports, I can say that (Rain) is very close to (Kim Tae Hee’s) ideal man.”

Lee Hani continued, “She used to tell me that too. Her married life is very good. But at that time, you guys were the new rice season. It’s definitely there.” She made everyone let go of the gas. and in one episode of the show Rain shared how he met Kim Tae Hee.

“I met her in a commercial 10 years ago,” he recalls. “Usually, the stylist will change your socks for you when you change, right, but (Kim Tae Hee) she does. with her sitting on the floor,” Rain said. I thought…this woman was right.”

after hearing that Lee Ha Ni hurriedly said, “After that, you feel good about her. And did you approach her?”
“Do it, I never told you? I’ve been rejected 5 times,” Rain replied with a painful expression on his face.

Lee Hani said that “She probably thinks you’re doing this to everyone else too,” Rain explains. “Okay, I think she sees me as a flirt. So she talked to me about this person one by one.” “I told her frankly, this person is, this person isn’t, so I think that’s what impressed her.”

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