Behaving intrusively… A terrible son who grabbed his mother in her 80s and attacked her

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A son in his 30s who grabbed his hair and hit him with a piece of furniture because his elderly mother’s behavior was disturbing was put behind bars.

On the 24th Chuncheon District Court Criminal Judge Song Jong-seon announced that he had sentenced Mr A (39) to one year and 6 months in prison, and ordered a restriction on employment in an institution related to the elderly for 3 years.

From September 2017 to July last year, Mr A was caught and dragged by the hair of his mother B (70) five times at her home in Chuncheon City, or repeatedly hit and injured Mr B using a table chair , dining table, or fan

As a result of the investigation, Mr. And the offense because Mr B’s behavior was intrusive.

Chief Judge Song pointed out, “The crime in this case is that the defendant attacked and injured the elderly mother several times with a dangerous object, and the crime is of poor quality and is very likely to be criticized by society.”

“The sentence was decided based on the fact that the victim did not want punishment for the accused, and that the accused is receiving psychiatric treatment in the future and has promised to make efforts to prevent recidivism.”


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