Behind the Scenes Moments and Funny Experiences from the Popular Korean Drama ‘MOVING’

Title: “Behind the Scenes Fun: Disney+ Manga Drama “MOVING” Delights Fans”

Subtitle: “Popular Korean Drama Showcases Hilarious Moments and Charming Chemistry Between Stars”

Date: September 3, 2023

In a recent release from the highly popular Disney+ manga drama “MOVING,” fans were thrilled to witness some of the amusing moments that occurred behind the scenes. The interactions between the characters and their humorous exchanges have captured the attention and admiration of countless viewers. Such is the excitement generated by the show that fans are eagerly requesting the release of the entire footage from the filming.

One of the memorable scenes involves the characters Doo-sik and Mi-hyun joking about Incheon Sea during one of their dates. Interestingly, it was revealed that this joke stemmed directly from Jo In-Cheng, who played Doo-sik in the drama. The original Korean text was even more cleverly crafted, adding an extra layer of hilarity. In an interview, Han Hyo-joo, who portrayed Mi-hyun, disclosed that the script only mentioned the mention of an old joke, leaving it to Jo In-Cheng to come up with something unique. During filming, he turned to Lee Mi-hyun and asked in jest, “What is the opposite of Qianhai in Incheon? The answer is the mother of Incheon.” The wordplay was based on homophones, as Incheon Qianhai sounds similar to Incheon’s father (인천아빠) in Korean, and thus the corresponding antonym became Incheon’s mother (인천진대다). This playful banter undoubtedly left the cast and crew in stitches.

For Han Hyo-joo, the moment when she first heard this joke while filming became one of the most unforgettable experiences. In fact, her genuine and infectious laughter was captured on camera and included in the final cut. This scene went on to leave a lasting impression on her: “The cherry blossoms were in full bloom, the night air was perfect, and it was just so funny!” she recalled.

Furthermore, another amusing incident occurred when Doo-sik took Mi-hyun, who was tired and hungry from working overtime, to enjoy a meal of tonkatsu. Jo In-sung, who played Doo-sik, flawlessly portrayed his role by immediately engaging in a comedic act upon entering the restaurant. Pointing to a seat, he hilariously addressed the boss, saying, “That seat… boss! Let me know if that seat is vacant!” Han Hyo-joo found herself once again entertained by Jo In-sung’s amazing acting skills, causing her to burst into laughter and exclaim, “How can he do that?!” Jo In-sung playfully feigned innocence, responding, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

Even the intimate kissing scene between Doo-sik and Mi-hyun in the office, where their feelings for each other were confirmed, proved to be a challenge. Despite the sincerity of the scene, both actors found it difficult to contain their laughter whenever they looked into each other’s eyes. The outtakes certainly exhibited the sweet and affectionate atmosphere on set.

Fans of “MOVING” can look forward to two new episodes every Wednesday afternoon on Disney+. The upcoming release will include the highly anticipated 14th and 15th episodes.

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Recently, the popular Disney + manga drama “MOVING” released the film from the filming. The interaction between parents and children is very interesting, and many fans of the show are knocking: Can you release the film for all chapter!

In the drama, Doo-sik and Mi-hyun made a joke about Incheon Sea when they were dating, do you remember? Actually, this joke was provided by Jo In-Cheng himself, and the original Korean text is more stalkerish XD

In an interview, Han Hyo-joo revealed that it was only written in the script that Doo-sik was talking about a very old gag, and Jo In-sung said, “I’ll figure it out!” During the filming, he asked Lee Mi -hyun (Han Hyo-joo): “What is the opposite of Qianhai in Incheon? The answer is the mother of Incheon. “Here Zhao Yincheng used a homophonic stem, because Incheon Qianhai (인천앞바다) is sounds a lot like Incheon’s father (인천아빠). 다), so the antonym is Incheon’s mother (인천진대다)! (Very cool, big uncle gag XD)


(Source: YouTube screenshot@Disney Plus Korea))

Han Hyo-joo heard this joke for the first time when she was filming, and the actual reaction of her funny laugh was used directly in the feature film, and this scene became the most impressive part of her entire filming period: “At the time, the cherry blossoms were so beautiful and the night air was so good. It’s so funny!” XD

(Source: YouTube screenshot@Disney Plus Korea))

In addition, in the drama, Doo-sik took Mi-hyun, who was working overtime and hungry, to eat tonkatsu. Jo In-sung also started the show as soon as he entered the door, pointing to a seat and said to the boss: “That seat…boss! Let me know if that seat is empty.” !” Han Hyo-joo was once again amused by his super-realistic acting skills, so he could only NG: “How can this be done!” Jo In-sung also pretended to be stupid: ” What’s wrong, what’s wrong?”

(Source: YouTube screenshot@Disney Plus Korea))

The kissing scene in the office where the two confirmed each other’s intentions was also NG many times. It was obviously a very sincere scene, but they both couldn’t help laughing when looking at each other. The tidbits looked so sweet~

(Source: YouTube screenshot@Disney Plus Korea))

Disney + “MOVE” updates 2 episodes every Wednesday afternoon, and the 14th and 15th episodes will be released next week.

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