Beijing also ‘Omicron confirmed’… Winter Olympics setback?

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With less than 20 days left before the start of the Winter Olympics, a confirmed case of Omicron has emerged in Beijing, China.

There is concern as the route of infection is unknown and the possibility of further spread is high.

Correspondent Lee Hae-in in Beijing.

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A building in Beijing’s Heiden District, where universities and IT companies are concentrated.

One office worker working in this building has tested positive for Corona.

Omicron mutation.

It was investigated that this confirmed person had not left Beijing or had contact with other confirmed patients in the past two weeks.

Not knowing the route of infection means that Omicron may have already spread to Beijing.

Another variable is the fact that the confirmed person visited places with a lot of floating population, such as department stores, shopping malls, and concert halls, during the incubation period.

The quarantine authorities block 17 places, and people with overlapping lines are told to undergo a corona test, but there is also a prospect that partial blockades of cities like Tianjin can be implemented if additional confirmed cases continue.

The Chinese authorities also warn of the dangers of Omicron, and it is evident that they are nervous.

This is because, if Omicron spreads in Beijing, it cannot be guaranteed that the Olympic Games will be held in less than 20 days.

[장원훙/푸단대 감염병학과 주임]

“Omicron still has levels of toxicity that we cannot ignore if medical resources are scarce.”

The infection in the Omicron area, which started in Tianjin on the 7th, spread throughout China, and within 10 days, the number of confirmed cases exceeded 400.

With the number of confirmed cases reaching the capital city of Beijing with a population of 22 million, China’s zero-coronavirus policy faces another crisis.

This is Lee Hae-in from MBC News in Beijing.

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