Beijing department begins replenishment of concentrated water in autumn, Yongding River will once again achieve full water supply –

Source title: Beijing department begins intensive water replenishment in autumn, Yongding River will once again achieve general water supply

This morning (September 22), the Guanting Reservoir Power Station generated electricity and released water through the diversion tunnel, which delivered water downstream at a flow rate of 40 cubic meters per second. This year, the Beijing section of the Yongding River was opened in official for central ecological water replenishment in the autumn.

According to the scheduling arrangements of the Ministry of Water Resources, this central water replenishment is expected to last from September 22 to November 21. It will once again promote the completion of the 865-kilometer Yongding River, promote the restoration of the Yongding River ecological environment, and promote conservation ground water.

In order to ensure that the entire 865 kilometer Yongding River has a flow time of no less than 45 days and water availability of no less than 60 days, in accordance with the relevant arrangements of the Maritime Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources, during the central ecological replenishment from the Beijing section from the Yongding River, the following Guanting Reservoir will be Such water sources will supply 140 million cubic meters of water to the Yongding River, including 134 million cubic meters from the Guanting Reservoir and 60 million cubic meters of treated water recovered from Xiaohongmen.

After the implementation of water replenishment, the section from Guanting Reservoir to Sanjiadian of Yongding River will continue to maintain normal flow, and continue to protect the ecological environment of surface water and groundwater in the southwest of the capital, Yongding River below Guanting Reservoir is expected to form a watercourse that flows for approximately 307 kilometers, forming a water surface of approximately 2,400 hectares. , effectively recharging the ground water in the front section. The waterhead is expected to reach Tianjin around October 7 and enter the sea, completing the goal of opening the entire 865-kilometer Yongding River to water.

This time, the southern part of the Beijing Plain will maintain the flow for 2 months, and the annual flow will reach 5 months. After November 21st, the Guanting Reservoir has been transformed into a small flow ecological water supply, which is mainly used to meet the ecological water supply in the mountain and gorge sections and the ecological water supply of rivers and lakes in the area central urban.

The Beijing water affairs department reminded that this year, the Beijing section of the Yongding River has a long time to pass water, and at the moment the plain part of the river has a lot of water storage, citizens are asked to obey the relevant departmental arrangements and pay attention to travel and travel safety tips, and don’t venture into dangerous areas such as river beaches.

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