Beijing: From tonight to tomorrow, there will be strong winds to cool down and go outside in time to keep warm – China Daily

CNR news from Beijing on October 3 (trainee reporter Zhu Guanan) The Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a forecast at 17:00 on October 3. From this evening to night, the cloudy (occasional light rain in the east) turned clear , and the north wind was three or four (gust six or seven). ), the minimum temperature is 8°C; tomorrow will be sunny during the day, the north wind is level 3 (level 5 or 6 gusts), and the south wind is level 1 and 2, and the maximum temperature is 15 ° C. In the cold waves and warning strong wind blue, there will be strong winds and cooling weather from the night of the 3rd to the 4th. When you go out, add clothes to keep warm, pay attention to protection from the wind, and be careful of cold.

(Zhu Guanan)

[Golygydd â gofal: Yan Yujie]

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