Beijing strengthens quarantine measures surprised by Omicron… PCR test within 72 hours of arrival

In addition to the current PCR test before arrival… Effective from the 22nd to the end of March

The authorities of Beijing, the capital city of China, where the corona 19 micron mutation was confirmed, decided to add one more nucleic acid (PCR) test to people coming to Beijing from abroad.

According to the Chinese newspaper network on the 16th, the Beijing municipal government has made it mandatory for anyone entering Beijing (excluding commuters) to undergo a nucleic acid (PCR) test within 72 hours of arrival from the 22nd to the end of March.

Currently, to enter Beijing from other parts of China, take a nucleic acid test 48 hours before departure and present a negative confirmation certificate and a green mark on the mini-program Jenkangbao (健康寶) on your smartphone showing that you have not been to a risky area for COVID-19 infection. However, the duty of nucleic acid testing upon arrival will be added.

Beijing Municipal authorities said that those who arrive in Beijing will report their arrival to the administrative authority having jurisdiction over the place of residence, their company, or a hotel as soon as possible upon arrival, and ask them to undergo a nucleic acid test.

The additional period of the nucleic acid test required until the end of March was set at the Beijing Winter Olympics (February 4-20) and Paralympic Games (March 4-13), and the 5th Annual Meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress to be held in Beijing in early March, respectively. It is interpreted that this was due to taking into account the schedule of the National People’s Political Consultative Conference (political consultation, government advisory body) annual meeting, etc.

At a press conference held on the afternoon of the 15th, Beijing Municipal authorities announced that a resident of Haidian District was confirmed to be infected with Omicron.

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